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Extended Clear Lampguard
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Show Chrome Lamp Guard protect that expensive GL1500 Headlight Lense with this contoured clear Lamp Guard.

GL1500 Parts & Accesories - Precisely contoured Extended Lamp Guard provides an exact fit and protects all three sections of the expensive GL1500/6 headlamp from flying stones or other debris.  Installs quick and easy with centering targets and special heat resistant velcro fasteners, and can be easily removed for cleaning.

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Kokomo , IN
Valuable protection for expensive glass...

Saw this on a friend's Wing and ordered one immediately. This will save you lots of money if a rock or any thrown object hits your expensive front end glass... My Wing is white too and the tabs blend in nicely. No mod is needed as said in the earlier post unless you've put chrome over your turn signals.

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Norwalk, CA
Nice but had to modify it to fit around chrome

I have the chrome around the turn signals and all. I had to cut off both side so it only attched to the headlight and not all the way arround as designed. I hadn't realized this because I had not installed the chrome. I used a dramel and cut the plexieglass and sanded the edges and you wouldn't know it wasn't made for the bike. The only thing is the attachment stickey buttons tha hold the thing to the glass didn't stay on the glass for me as well as I would like. So I installed with supper glue and they stayed on much better. the ones on the cover adheared just fine. Anyway it is a must just as stated in other reviews.

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Murray, UT

This is a very inexpensive way to protect your headlight assembly. This is a "no-brainer".

It was very easy to install and it works like a charm!

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Riverview, FL
Clear lampguard

Had one before and lost/misplaced it in a move somewhere. The way I look at it is this is definitely cheaper than buying a new lens. So money well spent. This newer version with the plastic velcro type attaches much stronger than my old one with the cloth Velcro. Just wish the bonding compound holding the velcro to the glass was a bit stronger. Still worth the money!

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Aussie Dingo
Tannum Sands, AU

Cheep insurance when you think about it, can see where a couple of stones has marked it and I have no doubt that it would've been new light time,
Money well spent

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