GPS 1080P HD Wearable Video Camera


GPS 1080P HD Wearable Video Camera
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Add an entire new layer to your storytelling with the new Contour GPS Wearable Video Camera. The built-in GPS receiver tracks your location multiple times per second with pinpoint accuracy so you are able to capture your location, speed, and altitude while recording in beautiful hands free HD.

 * GPS-enabled to capture your speed, altitude, and location
 * Tracks your every move with pinpoint accuracy
 * Compare your data against friends for fun and competition
 * Choose between 3 resolutions, 2 frame rates, or a still photo mode so that you can get the best shot
 * New Improved NASA Scientist developed Omni-directional microphone captures rich sounds while keeping wind noise to a minimum
 * New Enhanced locking back door
 * New Red LED underneath larger record switch
* Amazing Quality 1080P HD GPS Video Action
* Optional Bluetooth View Card Allows Real Time Viewing from your mobile phone or device


Make your video come to life with the Contour software. Watch your run via interactive map and video player that allows you to see and control the action. Challenge and compare stats with your friends to see who measures up.

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Montreal, Qc, CA

Bought this to video the Tail of the Dragon. This video camera is awesome. It will talk several test sessions to get your configuration just right but you will be very pleased with the results. The biggest issue is the microphone sensitivity. You either have to protect the mic from the wind or turn your sensitivity way, way down. Another great option is being able to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a viewfinder. A quick tip. Put a little Rain-X on the lens to keep it clear.

I have tried mounting in several locations and like the fairing, just in front of the left radiator. The mount is very secure but I still tethered the camera to the mount and the mount to bike. Just in case. It would be an expensive accident if it did let go at 60+ mph.

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