Triple Chrome Plated Adjustable Flip Up Armrests for GL1800

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Triple Chrome Plated Adjustable Flip Up Armrests for GL1800
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Rivco fully adjustable armrest kit for Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle are manufacturerd with the finest materials available. CNC machined from solid billets of aluminum, hand-polished to a flawless finish and triple chrome-plated with luxuriously padded and upholstered cushions, they feature a new and innovative vertically pivoting design that allows full trunk access without having to move the arms out of the way. See additional Cup Holder Photos showing drink holder bracket mounted on bike.

The rotating arms have adjustments for height, width and pivot tension to provide maximum passenger comfort. They attach to hidden sturdy steel mounting plates and fit directly behind the passenger backrest. They include a cup holder mounting bracket and fit ALL GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycles. Cup seen in photos is NOT included.

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49 Member Reviews

Willow River, MN
Looks great, fits terrible!

Let's start with the good, armrests look great. The bad, everything else. The design and fit of these armrests are the worst goldwing design yet. The angles are way off for a 2016 model and design requires 4 - 1/4x20 bolts to support the weight on very thin plastic. This will break the trunk lid and speaker plastic even without a passenger ever using it. The other brands back the plastic on the back side with metal supporting brackets. It seems like they cared about Esthetics on the arms only as the carrier bracket is crude and poorly designed. This piece is painted black and paint is falling off exposing rusty metal. Speaking of metal, they over compensated for support by making this bracket so thick that the back rest fits terrible and leaves huge gaps between trunk and back rest. I might try Honda one next.

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Port Elizabeth, ZA
excellent quality

Reading some of the reviews I cannot understand what the fuzz is all about. I have purchase these some 2 years ago and really use it a lot. Ease of fitting with minor knowledge and can be fitted within 30 minutes. Wife loves it to bits. There are cheaper options but I rather prefer this one as it feels and looks like solid quality. Other type of armrest is just.....just plain looking armrest. Pointles having all these nice fancy bling on your bike just to spoil it with "pipe type" armrest. This one has that expensive look. Adjusting the height is simple by turning in a grub screw. What I also like about it,you can open your topbox fully without catching onto the armrest like some others. Nice chrome and cushions to round it off.

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Dale C
Minoa, NY
Nice Armrests

I'm rating these a 3.5, and here is why. Installation is a 5, very simple to install. Quality is a 2.5, appearance is a 5. The angles to the curve of the corner weren't quit right, had to bend them a little more to fit the corner properly. Right side arm rest angle is not square, tilts inward towards the passenger, another quality issue. Rico could pay attention to there forming issues, as for the price they should be perfect!!

Otherwise they look great on the bike, and I like the fact you can open the trunk without flipping them out to the side.

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Shelby, MI
Big Mistake

I purchased these because I thought the wife would really like them. NOT!! She is short and they ended up too high for her. The back rest looked terrible & since it is an Ultra seat, I was not happy. Then the worst happened, I dropped the bike and she was unable to properly dismount. Bent the left one in a U. Surprised that this did not damage the plastic where mounted. At any rate, there is now duck tape covering the mounting holes and $300 bucks down the drain. Want a pair of these very cheap? Drop me an email. There is very little adjustability also, but they do look great on the bike.

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Flowry Branch, GA
Look Good But

I have had these for about 2 years. and had to take them off the bike because the extra weight of the armrest keeps breaking the plastic rear speaker bottoms where they bolt to the trunk hinges. I am on my third set of speaker covers because when you open the trunk the weight of the arm reset hyper extends the hinges and the bolt holes for the hinges are very fragile and get pulled apart. Wish it wasn't so. Wife loved them.

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