Rivco Triple Chrome Plated Armrests for GL1800 Gold Wing

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Rivco Triple Chrome Plated Armrests for GL1800 Gold Wing
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Rivco fully adjustable armrest kit for Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle are manufacturerd with the finest materials available. CNC machined from solid billets of aluminum, hand-polished to a flawless finish and triple chrome-plated with luxuriously padded and upholstered cushions, they feature a new and innovative vertically pivoting design that allows full trunk access without having to move the arms out of the way. See additional Cup Holder Photos showing drink holder bracket mounted on bike.

The rotating arms have adjustments for height, width and pivot tension to provide maximum passenger comfort. They attach to hidden sturdy steel mounting plates and fit directly behind the passenger backrest. They include a cup holder mounting bracket and fit ALL GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycles. Cup seen in photos is NOT included.

Click here to download installation instructions

36 Member Reviews

G Man
Blythewood, SC
Great Look!!

My wife really loves these. A very great and outstanding look.

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Fayetteville, GA
Great product, so far.

I recently installed these arm rests and are very satisfied with them. I have not had them on long enough for the rust issues others have mentioned to be a factor. Perhaps in time it will be. But for now, my wife really loves them, and the installation was pretty straight forward. The only issue there was that it didn't seem like the bend the mounting brackets came with matched the bend on my bike between the trunk and the speaker housings. So I added a bit to the bend and they matched up perfectly. A minor amount of custom fitting. Otherwise, they mounted easily enough - measure twice, drill once. I found it helpful to have someone hold them in place as I measured where the holes were to go. Note: these are for arms only, not for body weight. I can see where if too much weight was applied to them that they would likely fail or deform. I had to instruct my wife to not use these to steady herself when mounting or dismounting. Her initial instinct was to do that. We do like the fact that these remain laterally secure v. the ones that rotate outward. Egress is the only complaint others have mentioned should the need arise to get off the bike quickly. The ones that rotate laterally do avoid that potential issue. If that's a concern for you, you may wish to give it some thought. For us, I can only say that if she needs to depart the bike quickly, I trust she'll make it happen as necessary.

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saltburn by the sea, GB
Rusts quickly

Had these about 18 months and they are pitting and rusting even though they are polished and cleaned regularly. They are great looking rests though and work well, I think I will get them re-chromed over the winter months.

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Perth Western Australia, AU

Have had these arm rests for about 1 1/2 years and is starting to get rust stains very disappointed

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Warren, MI
Wife is happy so I'm happy

I have to agree with others on the installation. The arm rests are made of top quality material but I was not impressed with the the way these mount. The mounting brackets are not shaped to the seat back and trunk as I believe they should be. Thus once the stock seat is re-installed there is a small cap. RIVCO provides a foam close out to fill the gap and it stays put just fine, but I still think that the foam was an after thought. This is why I gave them only 4 stars. Installation was straight forward, but you do have to do some drilling, so measure at least twice to make sure your holes will be where you want them and both sides are aligned. Otherwise you might have one armrest slightly higher than the other.As far as the armrests go, they work perfectly. The Mrs. is very happy with them, and they travel well in the up or down position.

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