Vector-2 Helmet Aluminum Silver


Vector-2 Helmet Aluminum Silver
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The Vector-2 from Arai Helmets combines the latest in helmet technology with a laundry list of updated features in order to make one of the strongest, lightest, and best-fitting motorcycle helmets on the market.

Look below to see exactly what the Vector-2 has to offer...
  • Shell Construction: The Vector-2's clc (complex laminate construction) shell utilizes Arai's proprietary aerospace fiberglass technology to achieve a strong, flexible shell in a lightweight package.
  •  New Chinvent Design: The placement of the new chinvent design within the Vector-2's chinbar gives it a distinctive look all its own - while flowing a lot of air into the interior! A rubber breathguard also comes as standard equipment.
  • New Hyper-Ridge: This design encircles the bottom of the shell strength (in an area where some manufacturers actually reduce shell material). The Hyper-Ridge also provides a larger opening in the bottom of the helmet, making it easier to get the helmet on and off.
  • Rear Ventilation: Tuned rear vent/wing - new ACR-2 rear exhaust vent/wing combo features windtunnel tuned air inlets that accelerate the airflow over the large exhaust vent holes, greatly improving ventilation performance. A single large slider easily operates all three vents simultaneously.
  • Front Ventilation: New ACF-2 front intake vent has an oversized intake opening for better airflow, and a sliding-door mechanism to more completely close it.
  • Side Exhaust: The Vector-2 features larger side exhaust ports at the bottom rear to increase airflow while at the same time working to reduce noise levels.
  • Wider Eyeport: The new Vector-2's faceshield eyeport features the same extremely wide peripheral view of Arai's top-of-the-line Corsair-V racing helmet and RX-Q - 5mm on each side, providing better side-to-side visibility and awareness of the world around you.
  • Organic Shell Shape: The Vector-2 is another example of Arai's organic shell-design philosophy. An Arai helmet shape is created to conform more closely to the human head shape, making it look better, and "flow" better in the wind.
  • New Fully-Removable Liner: An upgrade from the previous Vector, the liner is now fully-removable, and designed with a full perimeter crown pad with minimal frame support for increased comfort.

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