Lithium High Amp Battery for Honda Gold Wing

Springfield, IL
So far, so good

I bought this battery in February last year to replace a smaller Shorai battery that lasted only 13 months. (my fault, I bought the wrong size).
This one is going strong so far with no problems after about 12000 miles, and going from cold Illinois to warm Arizona. Fast starts, and runs all the accessories on my wing without a hitch!
The only down side is they sell the charger separately.
Fortunately, the first one I bought came with the charger, so it worked out well for me, although I haven't needed to use it yet.
Overall a satisfactory product.

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Pueblo West, CO
Lithium battery

Do not buy this. The gold wing charging system is not set up for lithium. This battery caught fire and melted inside the battery box. Fortunately nothing was ruined but caused a big delay on the road.

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Detroit, MI
Lithium High Amp Battery

I purchased this battery about six months ago, and I have put over 9 miles since installation. From cold weather of Michigan to the heat of Arizona, this battery performed well. In my absent mind behavior, I forgot the turn to key to off from the time my bike was on my older battery would not have turned my bike over. This battery cranked up strong. Its light weight and can handle all the extra lighting. If you ever have to replace your current battery, replace it with the Lithium High Amp Battery.

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Kurt S
Xenia, OH
Perfect Fit, Light as a Feather

The LFX36L3BS12 Lithium High Amp Battery installed easily into the existing Honda Gold Wing battery compartment without any included foam inserts. The Lithium battery is 20% of the weight of the GEL battery it replaced.

I attached my existing Battery Tender Plus and it only took 5 minutes for it to show that the Lithium battery was completely charged. The Lithium battery terminals provided more than adequate space for all my cables.

The Gold Wing immediately cranked and started. I will be anxious to see how this battery performs over the years, since their are a few months of the year when I cannot ride because of the snow and ice.

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Ron Anderson
Cameron Park, CA
Dead Battery!!

I purchased this battery to replace the original one that came with my 2008. When I placed the order (Dec. 2013), I also ordered a battery tender. After receiving the battery & tender, I connected the tender to the original battery and within a couple days, the original battery was fully charged and working fine. Last weekend (April 27th, 2014), the original battery finally crapped out and died. I pulled the new one out of the box and installed it per the Shorai's instructions. I tried to start the bike and it was dead. I checked the Shorai battery with a volt meter and it read 13v, but when I checked it while turning the key on, it dropped to 2v. The battery was a dud! Shorai's claim that the battery will stay charged for 1 year is false. I had to buy another normal battery, after paying $234 for this high tech lithium battery, to get my bike to start. Bottom line, I will never buy one of these batteries again! I want a refund, not a replacement.

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Hot Springs Village, AR
Great Products & Customer Service from Shorai

I bought the Shorai LFX18L1-BS12 (270 CCA) for my 2006 Gold Wing from Wingstuff in May, 2011, for $159.29. I was very impressed with the battery and loved how I never had to worry about finding a dead bike due to battery failure.

However after accidently leaving a light on the bike for a couple days, I went out to find the battery totally discharged. I put the charger on the battery and brought it back up to 113.2 volts. However after removing the charger the battery would drop back to 110.1 volts within a very short time and remain there. The battery manual warned that a total discharge of the battery might damage it to the point of no recovery, which it had.

After reading the original warranty I noticed that an "over-discharge (i.e. resting voltage allowed to fall below 12.8V/6.4V for LFX 12V/6V types) might void the warranty, but if not so the warranty for a battery in it's 25th month would be prorated at 25% off MSRP. Since the MSRP was $189.95, I would need to pay $142.46 to get a warranty replacement.

However, just to see how they would handle it, I sent a warranty request to Shorai, including the information of the total discharge. To my surprise they promptly responded that not only were they honoring the warranty, but that they were upgrading me 2 levels to the LFX27L3-BS12, a 405 CCA battery. The MSRP on the upgrade was $275 and the Wingstuff price was $234. However they were just charging me $86 for the warranty exchange. Plus, they shipped the replacement out to me the same day, without my having to first send in my defective battery.

So my review of the Shorai batteries are that they are great products that should give you years of use but that the Shorai customer service is even fantastic by itself.

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Avon, IN
Best and last battery for my Goldwing

I have now had the largest, SRLFX36L3BS12, model installed for almost a year. This is by FAR the best and likely last battery I will need or have for my GL1800. It has 540 cold cranking amps which is equal to or better than most cars! It is slightly narrower but fits perfectly with a little phone installed on each side that is provided. My bike sat for 4 months with no battery charger and fired up perfectly this spring. It turns over like it is on steriods every time. What more could you ask for except to get it for free!!!! (Remember to install the jumper bar before installation or the battery will NOT work. Batteries must be shipped this way. Read instructions!)

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Great Battery ?

If this battery is so super great and long lasting, why does it only have a 2 year warrantee ?

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Avon, IN
LFX36L3BS12 - GL1800 540 Cold Cranking Amps Ultimate Perf...

This battery is AWESOME! No matter which model you get you will not be disappointed. I got the largest. It has enough cold cranking amps to turn over most cars! It cranks my 2002 GL1800 like crazy. It comes with many pieces of very good adhesive foam pieices for fitment. The large one requires 1/4 inch foam on each side and then is a direct boltin. DO NOT FORGET to look at the instruction pictures and to connect the bar that enables the battery to function!!!!

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Allen, TX

Amazing......this battery weighs 11 pounds LESS than the factory battery! I weighed them. This battery almost feels like an empty shell. Works great !! If you have a dirt bike with electric start, this battery is a must to reduce weight.

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$248.95 to $314.95
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