Heated Socks


Heated Socks
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  • Non-binding top
  • No annoying wires
  • Heat where you need it, on the top of the toes
  • Technical fabric that is comfortable, thin, soft and wicks moisture
  • Fitted heel, not a tube sock! Heel fits where it is supposed to
  • Seamless toe gets rid of bumps
  • 5 sizes for a better fit
  • 9 watts of heat in each sock at 12.8 volts
  • 2-year limited warranty

The Warm & Safe Heated Socks are in stock! Made for the motorcyclist; heat in the toe area where bikers actually get cold from wind and spray. Made from micro fleece, they are not bulky and use the latest in flat heat technology. You do not feel wires. So unlike the other products on the market, these heated socks keep your feet warm where they get cold, are not too bulky to fit in your boots and are comfortable!

Heat controllers sold separately

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work great

I used there with the dual portable heat troller and had no issues. I got large and wear a 10 1/2 boot so they fit just a little on the snug side, but that is because I put them on over my cotton socks but by the time I got to work they were stretched a bit and felt fine. The fit is a+ and they dont bunch or fold and I can not feel the wires in them at all, they did a really good job designing these and that means a lot coming from me. I am very picky about my socks after my time in the Marines and am almost OCD about it, prolly have about 40 pairs on hand at all times and dont keep them long.

Anyway, outside temp was 45*F and I started out at full power and could feel they were on but not burning hot as some of the reviews had said. Some people claimed to have burned their feet, not sure how but maybe an older style of these? So the heat is all in the toes right where you need it most and it says in the ankles to but could not tell. Once on the interstate I turned them off and my feet got cold rather quickly so kicked them back up to full power and warmed right back up, I cut it down to half power and put my feet up on the highway boards and that was the ticket! My legs were warmer that way and never felt any cold or discomfort for the 20 miles of interstate I rode.

Second test was a 500 mile trip over night in the dark at temps from 42-50 and they worked great the whole time. Never made my feet uncomfortable or too hot, but again I wore them over my cotton socks and had them at half power.

Today it was 25* when I left for work, same as before had them on over my socks, but turned up to full power for the full 30 miles on the interstate running 80Mph. My feet did not get hot but were not cold at all. I would have to say these do the job at hand and work great!

Overall I like them, for trips I will be glad to put them on!

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Corona, CA
Received just before New Years Day '13.

Both times, when weather dropped below 45, I had to pull the plug because my feet were on fire.

I have no "heat-troller" which is shown in product packaging but was never advised to purchase along with(seams the should not be sold without).

I'm glad I pulled the plug when I did after reading previous review.

Don't they test these things or are WE their Guinea Pig?

I give 2 stars because the fit well and are comfortable in my riding boots.

The 3 stars they loose for what I consider gross negligence on "First Gear" part in informing the consumer of proper use.

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camden, NJ

This was rider error needed a dual controller had a single. Disregaud last review.

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camden, NJ

I rode my goldwing with these socks on from new jersey to florida and back. They kept my feet my feet warm in as low as 25 degrees, but I got two horrible burn on each foot. They are on the top part of foot and are shaped in the letter U from the heating element. Called firstgear still waiting for a reply. Called laywer suing for defective product. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!

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