Heat Demons Grip Heaters Chrome


Heat Demons Grip Heaters Chrome
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Fits ALL Gold Wings. Heaters adhere to the outside of the handlebar and throttle sleeve. Use with standard or custom grips. Mounts on existing perches and can be used on either side of the handlebar. Custom controller with 4 levels of heat. Fast warm-up.

Easy install. Available in black or chrome. 4-color L.E.D. lights indicate the heat level selected (dims for night riding). Thermostat feedback keeps the Grip Heat at the selected level regardless of the Voltage. Variation or Ambient Conditions. Increases riding safety and comfort. Easily adjustable without taking your eyes off the road.

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South Point, OH
Works Well!

The Heat Demon Grip Heaters were already installed on my bike when I bought it but I wanted to give my opinion anyway. I have the "Comfort Grip Foam Covers" installed over my stock rubber grips to provide a thicker grip which really helps prevent hand cramping and makes for a much more comfortable ride. So far, the heaters have worked great for me, heat transfer is even and having the four heat levels is a nice touch. My only minor complaint is that the way the controller mounts, you can't "stack" any other mount on top as the button would be covered. I haven't had anything additional I want to mount there yet so it may never be an issue.

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Milton, Ontario, CA

After mulling over several brands of heated grips I decided to purchase these. What I liked the most was the looks of the heater controller.

Installation was pretty easy, but you do need to solder the connections from the heated grips to the supply and controller wires. The kit did come with very nice crimp connectors, but they look hokey under the handlebars.

These grips do provide a good amount of heat even under the Kury ISO grips. I think they would be even warmer under the factory rubber grips.

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Bellevue, NE

The wiring is well laid out and the control mounts out of the way yet easily accessible. The instructions were good and the installation was straight forward, but it does require splicing. Installation took about 2 hours, and about half the time was spent removing and cleaning up the existing grips for reuse.

The grips heat up fast and the 4 levels of control is nice.

I rate this 4 stars due to the lack of a better design for the price. For $130 I would like to see them integrate the controller and heater wiring into a harness that would plug directly into the Goldwing's wiring harness.

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