New Generation Foot Wings for GL1800

Baker Built

New Generation Foot Wings for GL1800
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  • Available in Dark Tint and Lite Tint Break-Resistant Polycarbonate
  • Snaps On and Off Easily Below the Engine Guard
  • Greatly Reduces Wind and Rain on Feet and Ankles
  • Snaps Off in Hot Weather for Air Flow over the Feet
  • Only available with black mounting brackets

New Gen Scratch and Break Resistant Polycarbonate Foot Wing Air Deflectors. Now your favorite Air Deflectors for Gold Wing motorcycles are available in an unbeatable scratch & break resistant design. Rated #1 by Motorcycle Consumer News Magazine, Baker GL1800 Dual Air Wings make riding more comfortable in any weather. Fits ALL GL1800 Gold Wings, Air Bag Models.

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Palm Coast, FL

Installed on 2012 Wing! Install was a no brainer! For 2012 you only need (2) the front one and the outside one with spacer. Even with just two it snaps on and seems to be very secure. I will put it to the test tomorrow and if that changes I'll put it up here. I purchased the whole system and I hope that it keeps the cold air off me! We will see!!

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Very unimpressed with the overall quality of the instructions from Baker Built. For several hundred dollars for a full set it's inconceivable that the instructions would be SO POOR. I have an '07 comfort model and while there is ZERO indication this is a problem in the website description (this one or Baker Built) OR the poor instructions I take it from the previous reviewers I will only be able to use the front bracket and one of the two rear brackets? Pretty poor for a $65 piece of plastic.

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York, PA

Very easy install.
From 2006 and newer you use only 2 brackets.

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Edmonton, CA

Second Baker product I have purchased and again was a little disappointed. They do what they are supposed to do and keep your feet a lot warmer and dryer. The install is literally a snap. No, my disappointment is to do with the colour. I purchased the both leg wings and foot wings from Baker in a dark smoke and they do not match. The leg wings are a brownish tint while the foot wings are a definite grey yet both are supposed to be the same polycarbonate material. Seems there are some QC issues at Baker......

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McDonough, GA

Put the clear ones on my 08' and yes, they do accomodate the foot vents.

Instead of three clips holding them on, you only use 2 if you have the foot vents, but seem to be sturdy and secure.

Does block the wind and rain from your feet; pop on and off easilly.

A bit on the pricey side for some plastic and clips, but for the easy of quick install and removal, I guess I can't complain too much.

Don't pay attention to the note on the description page that claims they only come in smoke color .... ordered clear and recv'd clear.

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