Flag Pole for Kuryakyn Luggage Rack


Flag Pole for Kuryakyn Luggage Rack
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Fits ALL Kuryakyn Flat Style Billet Racks as well as American Motorcycle Brand Flat Racks. Fly your flag proudly on your luggage rack with this new and improved, one piece and highly stylized flagpole. It provides more durability, and the improved reinforced ratcheting system allows you to adjust the angle of the staff without tools. Includes 4” x 9” American flag.


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Mike & Jackie
Zanesville, OH
flag pole for luggage rack

Very nice addition. Easy to install. Doesn't flap excessively and make a lot of noise. Only draw back is, I'm not sure how it's going to work with the travel bag.

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Da Chief
Orlando, FL
I have to agree with LedetX5...

I love my country and always fly her flag onboard my GL1800. However, this model flag holder brokes it's splines on me too. After about three or four months, I started noticing missing 'fingers'. Then one day when I arrived home, it was laying flat along the luggage rack, all the splines sheared off. Very disappointing as it showed great promise. I loved the fold flat feature for covering the bike (I do every day in the parking lot), and it's location on the luggage rack was perfect! It was out of the way of any bags and the flag never once wrapped around the pole, but stayed fully deployed and waving proudly.

Fix the cast/pot-metal splines on this item and you have a real winner! There's just too much wind load on it for this type of manufacturing process.

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Springville, AL

Nice setup, mine rides all year long-like this evening in 38F. I don't need special occasions to fly 'Ole Glory' but Kudos to those who take the extra steps to keep theirs fresh and ready to wave, and 'long may it wave!' My neice says "the flag adds a nice touch......" I had more thought of it as 'Pride' or even 'safety' since it is constantly moving. But I guess every age group has their own satisfying expectation when they see 'Ole Glory' waving freely!

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Elgin, IL

A bunch of money for what you get. Folding feature is nice when using a cover.I hope the Kury chrome lasts longer than some of their other products. Nice to have the stars & stripes along for the ride!

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Collierville, TN

Caution: The tabs which allow you to rotate the flag are not strong enough to last. I've had this flag pole and flag for about a year and every couple months another tab would break off until now it will not stand up. I wished they made one that did not rotate and was fixed so there were no tabs to break off!

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