Skinni Mini Ultra Bright L.E.D. Strip Lights


Skinni Mini Ultra Bright L.E.D. Strip Lights
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Be the first to bring that high-end sports car look to your ride! Kuryakyn's new piercing, brilliant-white L.E.D. strips add the perfect accent to your headlight area or motor that youíve been looking for. Their small size and super flexibility let you wrap these 22" strips just about anywhere you envision. Great for accents around headlights, along fairing edges, gl1800 frame covers, above motors or cut them down for other custom applications. Available in White, and Red or Amber.

White: Dim: 22" Long x 3/16" Wide x 1/16" Thick - 36" Wire Leads Single Circuit Side Projection L.E.D.'s

Red & Amber: Dim: 19" Long x 3/16" Wide x 1/16" Thick - 48" Wire Leads - Single Circuit Side Projection L.E.D.'s

Blue: Dim: 19” Long x 3/16” Wide x 1/16” Thick - Single Circuit Side Projection L.E.D.’s

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McLean, IL
Not Good - Skinni Mini LED strip lights

I have tried 3 sets of these to get them to work on a 2012 Goldwing. In fact, one set was defective out of the package. The other 2 sets had several LEDs go out within a day of riding. While they worked when installed, they only lasted a very shot time (under 50 miles) before several LEDs went out on one side. Within 200 miles the other side has 4 LEDs out. I don't believe this is a quality made product and will be returning them for a refund.

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Arab, AL
They don't last long!

Just like some of the other reviews on here,I'm a victim of the short life of these lights. I bought the 5041 to go around the headlight, and the installation was simple and easy. Out of all the Kuryakyn products I've purchased these are the only thing I've ever had a problem with. The left side went out within a year which was very disappointing.

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Altoona, PA

Save your money they don't last long three times I run them on my wing they looked good now one side is on and two lights on the other side is working don't waste your money

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Wildwood, MO
So far, so, so, GOOD!

I just installed these on my Goldwing a couple of hours ago. I love the new look that they bring to the front of my bike. The alignment is perfect and they add a touch of class to the front of my bike. I give these only four stars because I had to remove the front fairing pieces both top and botton for proper fitment. The results were well worth my time however. I was able to tap into some existing LED lighting wires which eliminated the need to follow the attending instructions to the letter.

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Cashmere, WA
Really Bright

Got this set at Wing Ding this year.It didn't sound too hard to install so I did it this morning. Installation of the lights were easy, I just took my time and used a thin piece of wood to keep it in place as I rounded the corners. Turned out great. Now,I do wish the directions and the product information would have said that they turn off when you turn the turn signals on. That's ok with me, but after I finished I was sure I did something wrong until I went to the product review page of WingStuff and found out this was normal. As far as the connectors are concerned. Throw them away. The wire is too thin for them to work. I took my electric soldering gun and fasted them with solder. Very satisfied with them and plan to install some more on the bike

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