Californian II Ultra Comfort Windshield

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Californian II Ultra Comfort Windshield
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All orders are custom built. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Cee Bailey's introduces the new "Californian II" ultra comfort windshield for the GL1800. This windshield is made from .187, aircraft grade acrylic, exactly the same material used in building our aircraft windshields. It can be ordered in clear, light gray or light green tints, which are all D.O.T approved.

This windshield is 26.5" tall from the front rubber fairing strip, and has graduated widths from 32" at the bottom of the shield to 22" at the top left and right apexes. The windshield is made to look through, and our exclusive "euro" cut top gives the rider and passenger extra left and right torso protection due to the extended apex corners of this shield, which a standard domed shield does not have. The enhanced protection is a great benefit for passengers, as the buffeting is cut down dramatically by better airflow around the Goldwing. The shield can also be adjusted just like the original.

All orders are custom built. Please allow 9-14 business days for delivery.

Manufacturer asks that any returns be requested within 7 days of receiving your windshield.

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Two year update

The mfg did everything possibe to make it right, now after close to 2 years, I love it..

Have had many positive comments on the look, the fit is absolute, and the windstream is excellent. The wife loves the wind change from OEM!

I Would definitly buy a replaceent if necessary!

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Pahrump, NV

After three windshields mfg got right one to me.
Mfg states they will update numbers and years fitted.

While it may be normal had to use dremel tool to make center hole a few thousands larger for correct fit.

Installed easily, I like the looks, ready for a road trip to say how it works, it does cut wind on driver quite a bit at 55 mph.

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Ordered the Californian II ultra Comfort Windshield Clear EuroCut no Vent '05 & earlier", for my 2003. Went to install it and found the the corners of the windshield hit the"WINDSHIELD HOLDER PLATE" not allowing the windshield to go into the full down position.

Am sending it back to the manufacturer so they can determine the problem as the were unable to tell me from the pictures I sent them.

The manufacturer did say they need to measure it and compare it to the blue prints. I suspect wrong windshield sent but cannot determine that.

I like the looks of it on the bike and will reorder it if and when I am told what the problem is, then will repost once a differnt windshield is installed and works properly and can ride the bike to see if buffeting actually changes for the passenger.

They state that "The shield can also be adjusted just like the original." So there seems to be so disparity in this statement.

I await their determination!

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