ST Top Shields for GL1800


ST Top Shields for GL1800
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The Windbender-ST is a straight windshield with a more conservative attitude than the high performance model and has about an inch and a half of air lift over the top. If the co-rider is much taller than the rider, this windshield can be adjusted up to take the wind off of them and can still be looked through by the rider. Or if you just like looking through a windshield and want better wind protection than stock, this is the one.

If your solo riding style requires you to look over the shield and your two-up riding requires the wind protection of the ST, you may want to get a second top windshield (without the base). Slide one off and slide the other on. It takes only seconds and no tools are needed.

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Awesome results

Me, I commute on my bike and post up around 25k miles a year on my wing. I've had my Windbender for about 3 years now. Prior to purchasing the windbender, I had tried 4 different windshields. Nothing comes close to this for ride comfort and visibility. I like to see over the screen when possible. With this shield, I can see 3 inches over the top while riding in real comfort. "I would have had to have the stock shield in its highest position to get anywhere close to the same calm air ride as the Windbender when it's set low". This thing is truly awesome. Great in the rain too..... much better than conventional screens.

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Windbender w/Baker Wings

I'm learning all the time and trying very hard to make product improvements since I acquired Firecreek Accessories.

Absolutely: the Baker Style wings, that mount to the side of the fairing, do not seem to play well with the Windbender. I have also tried them with a stock shield and found they caused, for me, more turbulence than they were worth. I could not find a position for the fairing wings that let more air hit me without causing quite a bit of rough air. If they were turned full out to block more air (winter riding?) they were just fine. I removed my Baker Wings and am perfectly happy.

Hand/Mirror Wings that mount under the mirrors DO play very well with all Windbenders. They are the second best thing you can do for your passenger. Mirror Wings keep air from running under the riders armpits and slapping your passenger in the chin. you can also turn them at any angle for your desired amount of air without causing any turbulence.

I gratefully accept all phone calls or emails with comments, concerns and product improvement ideas.

Mng Mbr Firecreek Accessories LLC.

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Carlisle, PA

I got the ST with electric option. Very happy with the windshield itself. It's a little noisier than the stock windshield, I found I'm running the stereo volume slightly higher. Excellent clarity and much improved buffeting reduction over the stock shield.

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Reno, NV

Excellent windshield for reducing the wind buffeting and wind noise for both myself and my rider. I've only had the stock windshield previously so my experience with windshields is limited, but this Windbender is amazing. I installed Baker Hand Wings and the Windbender ST at the same time, and the wind noise and buffeting is reduced so much that my wife and I no longer even think to use our Mic Mutes until we get over 65 mph. I set this so I look over the top rather than looking through it, so I may not even be getting it's full benefit (I'm 6'2", wife is 5'10"). I also had previously installed the Kuryakyn rear wind deflector but I can't honestly say that had much impact when used with the stock windshield, although perhaps it helps with this one...don't know for sure. In any case, with this windshield and the Baker Hand Wings wind noise and buffeting is pretty much non-existent until well into highway speeds.

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