Fork Oil High Viscosity Index


Fork Oil High Viscosity Index
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This fork oil offering from Maxima has a high viscosity index of 190+, and provides uniform fork action over a wide temperature range. Lubricinol-fortified formula reduces stiction and conditions seals. Special additives control anti-foaming, rust and corrosion.

Ships via ground transportation in USA lower 48 states only, air shipping not available due to air regulations. We are not able to ship internationally or to Canada due to shipping regulations.

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Jacksonville, FL

I was kept waiting for 22 days for a liter of 5 wt oil and a liter of 10 wt oil. The 5 wt. had a big #5 so the other had to be 10 but no large number. It seemed thin so I looked harder at the bottle and it is 7 wt. which was not even available on the drop down menu. It is open and can't be returned and I am not happy. Apparently the order picker made the same mistake that I did. Thankfully, it was only $ 8.99.

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