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Think your GL1800 Handles well now, wait till you replace the stock rear spring with this heavy duty Progressive Rear Shock Spring from

GL1800 Accessories & Parts at - Fits all year Honda GL1800 Goldwings, this rear Progressive Suspension Springs adds much better dampening over the stock oem spring/

Ask anyone who has purchased one, great way to make your rear suspension really work better than you could ever imagine.

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Edgerton , WI
Raising the bar

I installed this rear spring and oil line in 5+ was worth it. The ride is more supple and doesn’t jar you when going over bumps. This rear spring installation also complemented a front spring replacement from Traxxion. 2009 Goldwing, 17 k.

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Fort Wayne, IN
All Wings should have one.

Replaced the spring along with the oil line. I was surprised by what it takes to get to this spring. Before while riding two up I'd have to preload set at 20 and would bottom out. Wife loves how our 03 Wing rides now. Now, even with the preload set at 0 we have yet to bottom out. I'm sure that will change in time as the spring does settle some. Also changed the fork springs as well. The Wing does set a little higher now, almost to the point of having to lengthen the kickstand.

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Ottawa, CA
Huge Difference in Handling & Ride

I installed this spring a year ago. Went on a two up 10K Km trip and there was a huge improvement with the ride & handling. Did the install myself and as others have mentioned a person can do it themselves if they they take their time and have basic mechanical skills. My thoughts are that the Wing should have come with this spring. Suggest that if one changes the spring they should also change the oil pressure line to the braided one.

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Worth while upgrade

Over the winter, I decided on upgrading to a steel braided preload hose. Since I was going that deep, I went for the Progressive Spring too.

This is a job for those with a fair amount of mechanical experience. Getting into the project, I found it best to get a spring compressor. Sorry WingStuff, a competitor had a better compressor. It was not worth the time and money to build my own or take the chance in modifying a cheaper one.

I took my Wing out for its first ride with the Progress Spring this afternoon. The ride is beyond belief. When I got home from my maintenance ride, I told my wife to gear up. We did the course again and she too was amazed. My wife hardly felt or didn't feel many of the bumps we're accustom to, especially the curb on our driveway.

The ride, one or two up, is smoother and the handling is more responsive with the Progressive.

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Rick G.
Lime Lake, NY
Fantastic Upgrade

After a vaction to the Vermont and New Hampshire mountains last year, pulling a trailer and riding two up, I decided it was time to do something about the rear suspension. With the trailer loaded, to distribute the weight, so there was very little tongue weight and the preload set at the maximum, I found I was still bottoming out on that trip.

When I returned from the trip I ordered the spring along with the braided line for the shock.

After doing some homework, I decided to have the dealer install the items, (this being the only thing from WingStuff I haven't installed myself). Given the amount of work involved to install, I'm glad I did.

Now for the Information that really counts. I have a 2010 GL1800 (comfort, navi, premium stereo) with 30,000 miles, I'm a big guy (280#). Before the install I would set the preload at;
13 riding 1 up,
16 riding 2 up,
20 riding 2 up pulling a trailer.

After the install I am now at 2 on the preload riding 1 up. The thing I noticed, when I first sat on the bike, was it sat about an inch higher than before. It was late in the season so I only had a chance to take a quick ride alone, but what a ride it was. I went 150 miles on some seriously rough roads to put it to the test. All I can say is, It was worth every penny it cost me to do this upgrade. Now I can't wait for my trip back to the New England Mountains to try out my new ride this summer.

If you find you are starting to set the preload higher and higher every year. Do yourself a favor and buy this. You won't be disappointed!

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