OEM Style Chrome Lower Cowl for GL1500

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OEM Style Chrome Lower Cowl for GL1500
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Show Chrome Lower Cowl is a direct factory replacement for the dull stock oem cowl on any year Honda GL1500 and is available at our famous Wingstuff.com Low Pricing!

Replace that dull looking stock lower cowl on your GL1500 with this Brilliant ABS Chrome Replacement!

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Middlesboro, KY
Looks great: takes time to install

This is an EXACT replacement, and looks GREAT. This piece was broken on my 1500 and it came off easy. I compared the two, took measurements, and they are exactly the same! You have to take your time, and a friend to help hold and line everything up on both sides works fine. This is not a five minute job, took me ( us) a little over 30 minutes, after we had the old one off. Start the center and work to the outside or go to the bottom, DONT snug anything...loosely install everything.....use a pick, or an awl, a couple of them, to get everything lined up. The hoses are in the way....gently push, but don't bind....when it doesn't go the first seven or eight times, take a break, and do it again....it will go, exactly like the old one...a little gentle persuasion ....line everything up...it will fit, snug, but perfectly...30 minutes later you will think you have a new bike. It looks GREAT!

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Bruceton, TN

I purchased this product as well as a lot of other products from you, I worked on this a day and a half and was not able to modify it to make it work. I modified it so I am not asking to return it or asking for my money back I am just warning others that this is hard to install, I was able to use the original with no problem. I double checked to numbers thinking I may have ordered the wrong one but that was the number of the one that was recommended. For HONDA GOLDWING 1500 6 CYLINDER 1988 MODEL. BB2438.

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Dallas, TX
Chrome cowel

As with the new style engine guards it took a brain to install.
It is made exactly the same as the factory one which is also tricky yo install it really helps to remove front wheel and fender and do the center first re-drilling don`t work because then the other parts won`t lock in correctly above it I tried that. After the center is in about halfway make sure the hoses are not binding then do the right loosely then left then tighten center again check hoses you might have to push around a little then the other screws an it will be correct again I measured an old one and the new one they are the same.

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With work, looks good!

After reading the reviews, I was hesitant to order the cowling.However, the one on my bike had been broken since I bought it, so I figured this would be an improvement.
I had to remove the small chrome tabs on the outer corners of the cowling to make it fit. Next, I got the 2 side screws in but left them loose. The center screw , as has been mentioned, did not line up. So, I used a small jack and with a little pressure was able to line up the center screw. As you are doing this, make sure you are not pushing the cowling into the hoses, or causing it to bind somewhere it shouldn't. I tightened it all the way then went to the outside screws and made sure everything was lined up alright before tightening them all the way.
As this model and year is out of production, we can not anticipate any changes to the existing stock of these after market parts. Because other folks had posted their comments, I was able to follow their guidelines and with some finesse
the job was completed in about 35 mins. We can not expect this part to be like a plug and play item. Bikes will vary slightly from bike to the other. It was excellent quality and really looks good on my GL1500.

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waco, TX
chrome cowl

I bought this without looking at the reviews. After an hour and a half,it STILL doesn't fit. Tried the jack idea...everything and still will not line up.Will wind up sending it back and having to pay a 10.00 postage or more on this large box for this thing. If these reviews have been here..and the manufacturer knows this..why do they still sell the damn thing!
Just plain stupid.

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