HP 15'' Windshields for GL1800


HP 15'' Windshields for GL1800
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Windbender-HP ---- 15" inches and taller

HP Series is a High Performance Adjustable Windshield is designed to LOOK OVER instead of LOOKING THRU like other windshields. Windbender windshields are designed to eliminate wind buffeting issues, caused by backpressure, for the rider and co-rider to extend riding comfort.

Unlike any other Gold Wing windshield on the market, we wanted to be able to see over it like it wasn’t even there. Our new manufacturing process has greatly improved the quality of our product, but due to the recurve at the top of this shield, there is some distortion while looking through it. Remember . . . we want to look well over the top of it. Windbender HP shields come in two sizes (measured from the top of the windshield garnish gasket in the lowest position), 15" HP for riders over about 5' 11" and 11" HPS for riders shorter then about 5' 11". Your line-of-sight should be no LESS than 4” over the top of these shields in their lowest position and can be as much as 6” to 8” above depending on road speed. Our 15" HP (High Performance) shields are available in clear or light bronze tint.

For this windshield to work as well for the co-rider as the rider, they have to be somewhat matched. For example, if the rider is very short in the body, and the co-rider is very tall through the body, along with the added height in the passenger seat, it may place them high enough in the wind stream that they will get some wind in their face. Even though the buffeting will be reduced, the Windbender ST may be a better choice since it can be raised higher for the passenger and doesn't have the distortion of the HP recurve to look through.

We ask you to refer to the sizing instructions below to help determine the correct size for you. See Fitment Info Below.

Windbenders offer 4” of manual or electric vertical adjustment in addition to retaining the stock 4” (GL1800) of adjustment for an unprecedented total of 8” of adjustment. Additionally there is an extra inch of adjustment available in the top shield adjustment-rail mounting-slots that you can take advantage of.

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NOTE - "OPTIONAL" Electric Adjuster Kit also available and sold separately, designed to fit any Windbender Windshield and shown on page as Related Product.  

NEW - "OPTIONAL" Rake Adjustment Kit now available to change the angle of your top shield for ultra smooth high speed riding. This kit is especially effective with our HPS, but can be used on any Windbender to alter airflow characteristics.

NEW - "OPTIONAL" Spring Loaded Locating Pin for Manually Adjustable Windbender Windshields.
Windbender Spring-Loaded Locating Pin Sets are now available to minimize the slow speed, rough road, "Windbender Rattle", or simply to give your installation a clean look and keep you from losing clevis pins. Fits any Windbender Windshield and is shown on page as Related Product.

NOTE - It is important that your eyes be at least 4” over the top of an HP in its lowest position.

If your measurement is close to the low mark of the Windbender-HP and you’re unsure, we recommend moving to the Windbender-HP-S. This shorter windshield has quite a bit of adjustment up and will actually overlap the lower area covered by the Windbender-HP. The set up eventually will be fine tuned by you the rider, remember, this windshield is designed to be looked over, not through. The bigger problem would be not getting the windshield down low enough. There is about eight inches of adjustment available to raise it.

17 Member Reviews

Wonderful product

I've had one for 30000 miles and love it. Looking over the top without scraficing wind protection is the best. I HIGHLY recommend getting the rake kit. It's a dramatic improvement over stock....which isn't bad. The Rake kit is worth all the money, especially if your a high miler like me. (25K a year minimum)

Since I'm on the freeway close to 100 miles every day, I'm going to try the ST with the rake kit to see if it can perform any better than the HP at constant high speeds. I'll let you know how it goes at a later date.

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West Jordan, UT
I Love It!

I just installed the HP15 with electric actuator on my 2012 Wing. As the title says, "I love it,". It absolutely does everything they say it should do, Installation took me a while, only because I am slow. The instructions were very good. I purchased the electric option and handlebar switch. Contrary to the instructions, I went ahead and installed the actuator when I installed the shield. However, I did not drill the hole in the top shield until I had ridden the bike and tried several manual positions. I simply wrapped the actuator up so it wouldn't scratch the windshield while I was deciding where that "sweet spot" was. I did risk scratching the shield doing it this way, but I did avoid tearing into the bike twice. Having said that I still managed to acquire a few very minor scratches which can easily be buffed out if they bother me. A protective film on both sides of the shields that could then be removed after installation might enhance the packaging. Again, this is an awesome product and also gives my bike a very sporty look.

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Windbender w/Baker Wings

I'm learning all the time and trying very hard to make product improvements since I acquired Firecreek Accessories.

Absolutely: the Baker Style wings, that mount to the side of the fairing, do not seem to play well with the Windbender. I have also tried them with a stock shield and found they caused, for me, more turbulence than they were worth. I could not find a position for the fairing wings that let more air hit me without causing quite a bit of rough air. If they were turned full out to block more air (winter riding?) they were just fine. I removed my Baker Wings and am perfectly happy.

Hand/Mirror Wings that mount under the mirrors DO play very well with all Windbenders. They are the second best thing you can do for your passenger. Mirror Wings keep air from running under the riders armpits and slapping your passenger in the chin. you can also turn them at any angle for your desired amount of air without causing any turbulence.

I gratefully accept all phone calls or emails with comments, concerns and product improvement ideas.

Mng Mbr Firecreek Accessories LLC.

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Edmonton, Alberta, CA

Adding to my previous review, I recently had the opportunity for an extended ride with a passenger. Virtually no wind noise on the headset microphones even though my passenger wore an open face helmet. I have a Mic Mute system that I won't be installing now. What a great windshield.

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Edmonton, Alberta, CA
Definitely quieter behind this windshield

Pretty easy install and I can actually hear my sound system better with much less wind noise getting into my helmet.

After initial installation I was concerned about the slight distortion looking through the windshield close to the top lip where the windshield curves back forward. But since you look over this windshield, not through it, you soon get used to ignoring that distorted strip.

My wife even agrees that the wind at the passenger seat is much calmer.

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