New Generation Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800

Baker Built

New Generation Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800
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Baker Built Accessories - New Generation Polycarbonate Baker Built Air Deflectors for GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle are Scratch Resistant and Break Resistant. Easily attach underneath mirrors & deflects cold air Away OR Towards hands & arms of the rider and co-rider. Fully adjustable, these are one of the best GL1800 accessory items on the market. Rated # 1 by Motorcycle Consumer News magazine.

Bakers Latest New Generation Hand Wings for Gold Wings are super strong and scratch resistant thanks to the new polycarbonate hard coated material. Adjustable and No-Drilling required, they attach directly to the bottom of the GL1800 Gold Wing mirror.

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Saskatoon, CA
Darn Washington Turkeys

I had to replace my original Baker Hand Wing with this because the first one did not stand up to a collision with a flying turkey. Before being unceremoniously removed from my bike the original did its job directing the wind and rain. Great product.

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neptune, NJ
One of my Favorite additions ever !

I was not that sold on adding wind deflectors but when I installed these I was blown away at how effective they were, Get them you will love them !

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Graham, NC
Great wings for my wing

These hand wings do a great job. In the open or neutral position they allow a lot of hair to come to the rider but in the closed position they really help on cooler days. They really do cut down on wind turbulence for the passenger as well in the closed position.

The installation was as simple as it could be take out one screw and put the wings on the bottom of the mirrors.

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Tarboro, NC
Pretty Good

I just installed these on my 2015 Gl1800. I like them and can tell that they do cut down on the wind some which is always a benefit to the rider and passenger. You do still feel some buffeting but it's not as bad.

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Bellefonte, PA
Not as great as I hoped but still good

I purchased these to put on while riding in Florida in 95+ degree weather while in all my gear, hoping it would help keep me cool. It does deflect some air up to the rider, but not as much as I was hoping for. Same with keeping the air off when it's cold. Good but not great. They're worth purchasing but don't expect a huge difference.

The install went smooth but it takes some trial and error to get them snug enough to not move in the wind but not so tight as it's hard to adjust them.

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