New Generation Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800

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New Generation Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800
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Baker Built Accessories - New Generation Polycarbonate Baker Built Air Deflectors for GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle are Scratch Resistant and Break Resistant. Easily attach underneath mirrors & deflects cold air Away OR Towards hands & arms of the rider and co-rider. Fully adjustable, these are one of the best GL1800 accessory items on the market. Rated # 1 by Motorcycle Consumer News magazine.

Bakers Latest New Generation Hand Wings for Gold Wings are super strong and scratch resistant thanks to the new polycarbonate hard coated material. Adjustable and No-Drilling required, they attach directly to the bottom of the GL1800 Gold Wing mirror.

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Chatham, NY
Baker Hand Wings

Had never used these on any previous bikes but I was pleasantly surprised with the great results. Quick shipping, great service and what a difference riding. That little wing creates a cocoon where my music can be heard easily, reduces buffeting, and also cuts down on the wind my passenger has. My passenger was shocked how much better the ride was. Great product and great service.

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South Point, OH
Baker Quality!

I have had these Baker Hand Wings on my bike now for several years. In the winter they certainly help block the cold air hitting your hands. In the summer I like being able to direct more air onto my gloved hands. Well made, very easy to install and I have had no issues with them becoming loose over time. I would recommend this product!

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Wilmington, DE
Great for Winter

Found these easy to install and a great fit. They do help shield your hands from the cold, when riding in 40 degree temps. They do not detract from the appearance of the bike.

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Portland, OR
Really helped

I bought these to help with buffeting on the driver's helmet. I'm running a stock shield with vent and they really made a difference.

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Hendersonville, NC
Did not break

After taking a direct hit from a piece of scrap drywall to the front of my Wing last week the right-side hand-wings were also hit. They did NOT break! A good investment.

PS-as for the loosing issue, I also experienced this with the right-side hand-wing, a drop of Loctite solved the problem. not a big issue. They do provide a lot of air to rider and passenger in hot weather.

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