Passenger Speaker Outer Trim


Passenger Speaker Outer Trim
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Bring your bike into the next dimension by showing off those rear speakers in style with the Passenger Speaker Outer Trim for the GL1800. Featuring a 3 dimensional depth design & just the right contour, your bike will shine in any light.

Installation is as easy as it gets; peel-&-stick does the trick. Sold as a pair

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Lawton, OK
Looks great BUT...

After reading other reviews I could see exactly what everyone is talking about not sticking. I had to intensely clean the surface with alcohol and then add some additional double sided tape to prevent it from coming off. Other than that, everyone is dead on point that it will come off if you do not take some extra precautions to prevent it from falling off, but, it does look good.

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Jasper, TX
junkie junk

Mine has lasted two week. They were bought for my 07.
Didn't like how they went on. I masked them the night before riding to get a good seal. Now two weeks later I noticed I had lost one. Not happy when this stuff cost this much for plastic that just dose not fit exactly.

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Cape Town, ZA
Wrong Year Mistake

I made the same mistake I think a lot of other purchasers of this product also made. I have 2005 and only once I received the trim did I realised it was designed for 2006 and up and thus did not fit the older speaker curves. However I still liked the look so used marine silicone sealant to fix the trims to the speaker cases instead of the supplied glue. This works because the silicone is thick and fills the gaps caused by the difference in curves. Took a few minutes longer fiddling around getting a good fit but very pleased with the result.

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Mesquite, TX
Looking Good

I got these along with the matching pieces for the front speakers. They were not difficult to install and look great. I've had them on for about a month and have had no issues with them coming loose. I noticed some negative comment from people, talking about them not fitting right and not sticking. You need to look at the ages of the Goldwing that these are made for. This particular item is only for 2006-2013. Also, make sure you clean the area really well. I put 9 pieces of chrome on my bike about a month ago. I check them regularly and none of the pieces are coming loose. I couldn't be happier.

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puyallup, WA
Come on!

Out of all the chrome I've obtained from KA this by far is the worst. Like most other reviews, this just doesn't fit right. Because of the sharp crease where it is supposed to be mounted and the trim not being very flexible this is going to take some reengineering. I have all of the other pieces that match this trim and this is the last one to place and this is seriously slowing my roll.

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