Clear Lens Universal 3rd Brake Light w/Run Option

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Clear Lens Universal 3rd Brake Light w/Run Option
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Chrome bezel. 10 segment LED light. DOT/SAE approved. Our brightest! Running or brake or both with built-in circuit. ABS mount attaches behind license plate frame to existing hardware. LED's are red with clear lens.

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Big Bob
Safety Harbor, FL
License Plate Brake Light

This light/brake light is the best that i have owned. I have had others that ore built into a license plate frame that broke in a short time. This one is really good, it is a great size and it is bright when brakes applied. I got the clear lens as Ithink it looks better when parked and lights are not on. Very easy to put on. Get wire taps and just snap on the wires behing rear fender.

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Is white legal in Texas?

I will be adding this tomorrow. Question is, I wonder if WHITE will be legal for a brake light?

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WA Biker
Seattle's Eastside, WA
Bright idea!

Pros: Very bright. Easy to mount. Gets your attention when braking.
Cons: Not very aesthetic, looks a little clumsy.

I actually ganged up two of these...if one is good, two are better. :)

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EC Universal 3rd brake light w/run option.

I installed this last year. I agree with the other reviewers, these lights are what drivers behind you will see first, they are bright. I did order the plug and play harness too, via a phone call to WS. The EC part# 08102 for 1800's, 08101 for 1500's. (you still need to connect 3 of the 5 wires of the harness to the 3 wires on the light, but you won't be splicing wires in the boot, the turn signal wires are not used. EC included harness installation directions were right on). I chose the clear lens and mounted it above the license plate since I have the famous eagle license frame.

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Lexington, SC

I had this (with the red lense) on my '04, without the brake light modulator. I just put in on my '12, with the brakelight modulator. This and the spoiler lights are brake-only, and both modulated. If someone behind you misses this combination there is nothting else you can do!

A very cheap, $28 (for VIP) insurance policy.

I absolutely recommend this as a safety item.

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