BikeMP3 & JM Music Player Populating Software

Denver, CO
Generally Very Useful

Before you read this review, you should probably understand that I am a software developer and so the points I find fault with are things that I would not have missed, and I won't bother going into all the details.

However, I would like to start out by telling you that after my first serious use of this software last night, I am impressed enough with the thought put into it, and its usefulness, to keep using it. The task was about 5 hours long, and involved moving my entire digital-music collection to several USB flash drives for the JMJMDM-GL18E Digital Music Player for a 2002 GL1800. As you may be aware, the sound system for the 2001-2005 GL1800 has some pretty significant limitations and one rather serious bug (you cannot press the [A.SEL RPT/RDM] button without crashing the GL1800's sound system [requiring disconnecting power from the sound system to reset it, via fuse or battery cable] -- a bug in the GL1800's Panasonic sound system that was fixed on 2006+ sound systems). The restrictions are in terms of numbers of CDs the sound system can recognize, and the number of tracks per CD that it can recognize.

Given these restrictions, it was quite a task to morph my whole digital-music collection into something that MADE SENSE in regards to grouping the music across USB flash drives and represented "CDs" within those flash drives. However, I am happy to announce that this software made that "morphing" task easier than I expected. In particular, instead of including whole albums (where space was limited), I found myself eliminating songs I was just going to skip over on the road anyway to make more space, and given the built-in sound system in this software (right clicking a song plays it from the beginning immediately, and double-right-clicking it stops playback), this task was much easier than it could have been.

Also, I want to compliment the "two-list" user interface approach as very much part of making the above task easier, not to mention that "saving the configuration" in order to return to these lists later (say 6 months from now) to make adjustments to individual USB flash drives. (Example: replace one album [CD] with another, or partially change its contents.)

Some recommendations:

1. Read the entire set of instructions before using. It makes it easier to understand what you're working with so you can properly take advantage of its finer points (likely saving you the time of reading the instructions, so this DOES pay for itself).

2. Read and understand the limitations of the device you're building the USB flash drive for. For me, it is the JMJMDM-GL18E, but this software was made for composing USB sticks for any number of devices, including ones not listed, and even ones that might be in your car instead of on your GL1800. For the JMJMDM-GL18E, those limitations are clear in the User's Guide portion of the instructions that came with it.


I don't think I'm going to get much into criticism of this software except to cite some caveats for the end user:

1. Copying files to the USB flash drive takes some time. I recommend setting aside time when you WILL NOT need to do other things with your computer, especially your web browser. I'm not sure what this software does, but my web browser (Mozilla FireFox) pretty much stopped responding while it was copying files. The remedy seemed to just let it finish in its own good time. The browser came back to life immediately when when the copying was done.

2. There are 2 ways to launch the software, which unfortunately was not well done, but it works. The installer places 2 icons on the desk top and start menu to launch the software. The first one is "GL1800 Audio 800x600". This is useful if you have a small screen. The window (once launched) is not resizable. The other is "GL1800 Audio". And while the window is resizable, there is nothing helpful about resizing it: none of the components (lists, buttons, etc.) grow or shrink when the window grows and shrinks, and there is a minor bug in which the width of the window can be shrunk and one of the lists remains floating on the desk top. This is a kind of a silly bug (I know what causes it internally), but it is only cosmetic and it doesn't really hurt the software's usability. You are, unfortunately, stuck with scrolling the lists horizontally to the right to get to the column to the right of the "Genre" column, which is "Path", which column I found I use heavily. Okay -- so I scrolled the list horizontally. A few more clicks.

It remains that despite these oddities, the software is still useful (and time-saving) enough that I want to continue using it, and while I could, I am not motivated to build a replacement for it that fixes these bugs, since a lot of work went into it that does work well, and it sounds like it was tested in pretty much the gamut of GL1800 models since 2001. I am also happy to announce that I think it is good enough that it earns its price.

Now I have my digital-music collection ready to roll with:

1. all my favorite stuff concentrated in places (on the USB flash drives) that make sense to me,

2. that are easy to get to via the GL1800's CD-changer buttons, and

3. is guaranteed to work properly and not hang my sound system, despite its limitations -- pays for itself right there. :-)

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Shelton, WA
Music Player Populating Software

First bought this back in April 2011 for use with the BikeMP3 player I installed on my 2007 Wing. It worked great, never had any problems. Unfortunately the computer I had installed it on went bad. So here I am purchasing it again because I don't have the electronic key anymore. Oh well after 8 years what do you want. Good product, easy to use, I recommend it.

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Bill & Eva
Renton, WA
Windows 10 Compatibility Issue

I had one in 2015 with a user having problems getting it to work. He tried re-installing it and it worked. Don't know what the problem was, but haven't heard anything else. In some cases it might be the hardware and not Win10. My recommendation is to try it out first, doesn't cost anything and if it works buy it. I've used the software to create thumb drives for my Lexus, Pontiac, Goldwing and home stereo. I've got all my music organized into folders via genre.

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Colbert, WA

I had bought the recent J&M digital player and decided to order this software. I noticed a few glitches with it, but basically it makes it easier to load a flash drive with the songs you want. The nice thing is you can save your list should you want to rebuilt your flash drive, or make a duplicate. Example, you wan reload your list that may have been in original CD order and scramble the list and install it again. So it has it's benefits.

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Port Elizabeth, ZA
What a pleasure

I was always reluctant in purchasing software but this, it makes it so easy uploading music files to your memory card. No need to format your folders or search for music files. It does it all for you in one go. You do not need to be a programmer. It is so user friendly and save you hours of searching for your music files. Organizing your music files is done with a simple click. I recommend this software to anyone that find it confusing to put simple music files onto a memory card.

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Orlando, FL
Revising my rating upward

This software works very well (got my passcode to activate it), just wish it could work with Win10. 5 stars otherwise.

It gives you nice options for loading a flash drive into the folders. The random options make it nice. Or you can manually load your own playlist order. You can fully populate a flash drive in minutes.

I used a an SD card, 8 gB to load, for my convenience. I used slightly more than half of it. Works fine.

Get this for making the job much easier.

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Orlando, FL
No Windows 10 Support? Meh

C'mon BDSL, get on it and release a Win10 version.

I suppose I can drag out and dust off my old laptop that still runs Windows 7 so I can use this software.
My mistake, been using Win10 for more than a year, assumed this software supported Win10.

Otherwise, nice software to use.

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Pass Key

I have been using this software since Mar 2013. Safeguard the "Pass Key" needed to utilize the program. My PC recently crashed and lost everything. Needless to say, I need to work with this software and don't have my Pass Key.
The software is very simple to use and works as described.

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Hollister, CA
Long time User

I have been using this software since April 2012. Safeguard the "Pass Key" needed to utilize the program. My PC recently crashed and lost everything. Needless to say, I need to work with this software and don't have my Pass Key.
The software is very simple to use and works as described.

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Great Product

I have all my music in I-tunes and I do not believe I could have did loaded my music on the mp3 without it. I still do not understand how to save my music. I tried several ways and still cannot save. I wish someone could tell me!

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