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BikeMP3 & JM Music Player Populating Software
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This software was specifically built for the Goldwing GL1800 music players to populate and arrange MP3 and WMA songs on your USB Thumb drive with just few clicks of your mouse

The Music Player Software offered only by WingStuff allows users to control play order for BikeMP3 and J&M players, otherwise play order is determined by either load order for the USB or SD memory device. The software also solves many of the hardware problems with loading USB thumb drives experienced with earlier J&M and BikeMP3 versions.


  • Works with ANY BRAND GL1800 Digital Music Player BikeMP3, J&M and DMC that require a USB Flash Drive or SD Memory Card to operate.
  • Works in the 2012+ Goldwing with the integrated player.
  • Can also be used in home stereos and automotive in-dash radios that support MP3/WMA.
  • Designed to work with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 10 operating systems.
  • This software allows you to "right-click" on a song track to preview the music directly on your computer. To stop the music simply requires a "right-double-click".
  • Quickly sort music by title, artist, album or genre.
  • Supports Windows mouse drag and drop of song tracks to easily reorder your music or let the software randomly scramble the music play order for you.

Why spend hours when this software can do it all for you in minutes with full control over how you want to manage your music. Compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating systems, will not work on Mac. Easily loads and arranges your favorite songs in just seconds on any USB Flash Drive Memory Stick or SD Card.  This software has been carefully developed and tested and is of a generic MP3/WMA music player design with multiple applications developed by an independent software developer.  Essentially any USB (cell phone, PDA, thumb drive) or SD memory device that hooks up to a PC and looks like a removable disk drive is supported. 

WingStuff recommends purchasing this companion software to minimize problems with populating the USB/SD memory device. The software is easy to use and quickly populates your memory device to get you on the road listening with your music.

Honda GL1800 2012+ -- The Honda GL1800 added new improvements to the audio system which include an integrated iPod® and MP3 player accessible through a USB connector in the trunk. It's controlled the same way as the BikeMP3 and J&M players via the handle bar control and also adds a random-play or sequential-play feature using the radio button control panel. The display shows up to 999 CD volumes and 255 tracks/volumes. The iPod® and MP3 interface is similar to Hondaline radios found in newer cars and also after-market in-dash radios with USB interfaces. 

Download the non-activated version of the software and check it out on your computer for a free trial, no obligation to buy until you are satisfied with it.  The non-activated software allows you to place 3 song tracks in each folder.

YOU WILL NEED A PASSWORD KEY that will be emailed to you usually by the next business day (excluding weekends) after your online purchase to Fully Activate your new software.

For more details, videos and helpful hints, visit the software developers web site at:

24 Member Reviews

Bill & Eva
Renton, WA
Windows 10 Compatibility Issue

I had one in 2015 with a user having problems getting it to work. He tried re-installing it and it worked. Don't know what the problem was, but haven't heard anything else. In some cases it might be the hardware and not Win10. My recommendation is to try it out first, doesn't cost anything and if it works buy it. I've used the software to create thumb drives for my Lexus, Pontiac, Goldwing and home stereo. I've got all my music organized into folders via genre.

yes no
Colbert, WA

I had bought the recent J&M digital player and decided to order this software. I noticed a few glitches with it, but basically it makes it easier to load a flash drive with the songs you want. The nice thing is you can save your list should you want to rebuilt your flash drive, or make a duplicate. Example, you wan reload your list that may have been in original CD order and scramble the list and install it again. So it has it's benefits.

yes no
Port Elizabeth, ZA
What a pleasure

I was always reluctant in purchasing software but this, it makes it so easy uploading music files to your memory card. No need to format your folders or search for music files. It does it all for you in one go. You do not need to be a programmer. It is so user friendly and save you hours of searching for your music files. Organizing your music files is done with a simple click. I recommend this software to anyone that find it confusing to put simple music files onto a memory card.

11 out of 11 people found this helpful
yes no
Orlando, FL
Revising my rating upward

This software works very well (got my passcode to activate it), just wish it could work with Win10. 5 stars otherwise.

It gives you nice options for loading a flash drive into the folders. The random options make it nice. Or you can manually load your own playlist order. You can fully populate a flash drive in minutes.

I used a an SD card, 8 gB to load, for my convenience. I used slightly more than half of it. Works fine.

Get this for making the job much easier.

2 out of 3 people found this helpful
yes no
Orlando, FL
No Windows 10 Support? Meh

C'mon BDSL, get on it and release a Win10 version.

I suppose I can drag out and dust off my old laptop that still runs Windows 7 so I can use this software.
My mistake, been using Win10 for more than a year, assumed this software supported Win10.

Otherwise, nice software to use.

1 out of 2 people found this helpful
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