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BikeMP3 & JM Music Player Populating Software
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This is a downloadable software. Please select the 'Click Here To Download' link on the detail page below. Software automatically populates and arranges mp3, wma songs and root folders with just few clicks of your mouse. Works with ANY BRAND GL1800 Digital Music Player such as BikeMP3, J&M, DMC that require USB Thumb Drive or SD Memory Card to operate. 

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NEW For 2012 --

Product Description – This software was specifically built for the Gold Wing GL1800 music players to populate and arrange MP3 and WMA songs on your USB Thumb drive with just few clicks of your mouse 

 The Music Player Software offered only by WingStuff allows users to control play order for BikeMP3 and J&M players, otherwise play order is determined by either load order for the USB or SD memory device.

Works with ANY BRAND GL1800 Digital Music Player including the 2012+ Newer integrated player, BikeMP3, J&M, DMC that require USB Flash Drive or SD Memory Card to operate. 

Designed to work with WindowsXP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems and allows you to preview individual song tracks with the click of the mouse.

Honda GL1800 2012+ -- The Honda GL1800 added new improvements to the audio system which include an integrated iPod® and MP3 player accessible through a USB connector in the trunk. It's controlled the same way as the BikeMP3 and J&M players viathe handle bar control and also add a random-play or sequential-play feature using the radio button control panel.The display shows up to 999 CD volumes and 255 tracks/volumes. The iPod® and MP3 interface is similar to Hondaline radios found in newer cars and also after-market in-dash radios with USB interfaces. Software can still be used very effectively to load the USB Flash Drive with MP3 and WMA music formats for both the 2012 GL1800 and automotive in-dash radios.

This new Media Player version allows the user to "right-click" on a song track and preview the music directly on their computer. To stop the music simply requires a "right-double-click".  The player also solves many of the hardware problems with loading USB thumb drives experienced with earlier J&M and BikeMP3 versions.

Why spend hours when this software can do it all for you in less than a minute with full control over how you want to manage your music. Compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating systems, will not work on Mac.

Easily loads and arranges your favorite songs in just seconds on any USB Flash Drive Memory Stick or SD Card. Designed to work with Windows 98, XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Works on any of todays popular brands of Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Digital Music Players that require USB Flash Drives (thumb) or SD Cards to operate.

This software has been carefully developed and tested and is of a generic MP3/WMA music player design with multiple applications developed by an independent software developer. Software also supports loading MP3 devices such as cell phones, PDA's.  Essentially anything that hooks up to a PC and looks like a removable USB disk drive is supported.

Download the Non-Activated Version of the Software by clicking the DOWNLOAD LINK shown below. You will REQUIRE A PASSWORD KEY that will be emailed to you usually by the next business day (excluding weekends) after your online purchase to Fully Activate your new software. Watch Instructional Video Below!

The first challenge with the J&M and BikeMP3 digital music players was to populate an SD memory card or USB thumb drive with music. With a large selection of music to choose from, I found it time consuming to (1) choose songs, (2) organize them into each of the 10 CDs, (3) sort or randomize the order they play in and (4) make sure there were only 99 or fewer songs per CD.

Note - Software is downloaded online and passcode emailed.. Because this is an item that is NOT actually shipped, it does not qualify towards our free shipping dollar amount total if added to our shopping cart with other items. 

Earlier Players -- The JMDM-GL18 and BikeMP3 V1 plays the music in the order the songs are loaded into the SD memory card, copying a block of songs and dumping them on the SD memory card doesn’t quite work the way you want.  Microsoft has a way of sorting by file title or date during the load.

New for 2011 -- The new Bike MP3 V3 player released in February plays the song tracks sorted alphabetically in up to 10 folders, depending on what year GoldWing you have.  The player also solves many of the hardware problems experienced with earlier J&M and BikeMP3 versions.

The challenge was to provide a software tool that played the music in the specific order that the user wanted to listen to the music, either sorted by title, artist, album, genre or random play order.  The software tool takes care of the load order with the use of a "randomize" button for scrambling the order of the songs.

This new software tool allows one to find all of the MP3/WMA songs on their hard drive and provides an easy method for organizing and loading the 10 virtual CDs. The tool limits each CD to to a user-selected maximum number (99 for later year GoldWings) songs and allows you to add, move and delete songs according to what you want to listen to. The tool only contains and manipulates a song catalog / list, so nothing is ever actually touched on the source hard drive.

Once the music lists have been completed on any given CD, the user can choose to optionally randomize, manually reorder or sort the song order again if needed.

For the final step, a simple drop-down menu is selected and the songs are copied from your hard drive to the USB Thumb drive or SD memory card. This is the only time the music files are actually accessed by the tool. If any song file already exists on the target memory chip it will not be re-copied over.

Afterward you can save the configuration so that the process can be modified and repeated at a later date. I find that having access to 990 songs is more music than I can ever listen to in a single month of riding. The rebuilding of the list is now a simple task and allows me to want to change it more frequently than if I had to use Excel or manually build the list.

New Laptop Software Version -- The software package comes with an additional version sized for smaller laptop screens sized for 800x600 resolution.  When you install the software, you will see two icons on the screen for each version.

This product is not produced by J&M or BikeMP3. The software is of a generic MP3/WMA music player design with multiple applications developed by an independent software developer.

The digital music player software was designed specifically for the Honda GoldWing motorcycle and J&M and BikeMP3 players to minimize problems with improperly loading music and overloading the USB/SD memory device with the incorrect configuration of CD volumes and tracks.

WingStuff recommends purchasing the companion software to minimize problems with populating the USB/SD memory device. The software is easy to use and quickly populates your memory device and gets you on the road to quick music listening.

There are three helpful hints videos on YouTube showing you how quickly and easily you can populate your USB/SD memory device.

Helpful Hints for GL1800 Digital Music Player


Basic Software Instructions


More Helpful Hints for the 2005 and Earlier GL1800


For more information and helpful hints, visit


14 Member Reviews

New Richmond, WI
it kicks butt!

For sure. I don't know if I could have figured out the MP3 player if I hadn't of purchased this software.
Can't say enough good things about THIS, OR the player! Rocks!!!

yes no
Chaffee, MO

I'm so glad I sprung for this software along with the bikemp3 player. General computer program knowledge is all I believe you'd need. The available online videos did help me. I thought they kind of guide you through it well. You do, however, need to know where on your computer your music is stored. Unless I missed something, the software can't "find it" for you. You tell it where to look, and the rest is seemless. I used the program to clean my sd card, loaded it up, and all works flawlessly. Great product that I believe is easy to use. I'd do it all over again.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
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Shelton, WA

Received this, great product. Wife and I enjoy how easy it is to load the music and get onto the bike and go go go. Got this durnig cyber monday sale with the player. Great deal and savings. Can not go wrong with this. Thanks Wingstuff.

yes no
Leland, NC

This is a no brainer! Worth every penny making the loading of your road music a snap.

yes no
Bill & Eva
Renton, WA

The problem Joakim identified with folder naming conventions is limited to the J&M model 1 type B player. We have provided Joakim with access to modified sofware which solves his specific problem. If you have similar problems, please contact Wingstuff and we will get you the latest software fix.

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GL1800, Trike