Chrome Driver Floorboard Kit for GL1500

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Chrome Driver Floorboard Kit for GL1500
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Show Chrome Driver Floorboard kit includes Heel Toe Shifter and Rear Brake Pedal. Adds more room and great chrome looks to any GL1500 Gold Wing motorcycle. FREE SHIPPING inside USA lower 48 states


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Tom G

I installed these floorboards on my 1999 Goldwing
The shifter is not extended out to match the edge of the floorboard makes it difficult to shift you almost have to really concentrate just to shift.
The brake pedal is not even extended out at all and also is too short it is in the middle of the floorboard. There was not much thought put into this design and I think is very dangerous. I will be removing them from my bike. I rate these a minus 10

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Lowell, AR

They realy look good once you get them on. ! PROBLEMS!.The floor board mount is about 3/16 to short It will not line up with the engine guard hole on the frame. Opted for locktite on the coller bolts around the floor board mounts and the engine guard. When you get on the bike/trike your weight is mainly on the rear of the floor boards.But they do look goood

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Dearborn Heights, MI

I had to return my first set because the chrome was coming off.

The second set was ok and insulation was easy. I tried to get use to the floor boards but they were in the way when I was stopping. A motorcycle mechanic said they work on bikes with the boards and they had caused
Problems in the transmission from improper shifting.

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Grandview, TX

Took about an hour to install, and glad I did. Very comfortable riding position. The brake pedal supplied rides a little higher than the stock unit (a good feature). Take a little getting use to shifter though. Had to replace the top bolt for the shifter mechanism, it was to long for the finale installation.

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