Progressive Heavy Duty Fork Springs for GL1500

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Progressive Heavy Duty Fork Springs for GL1500
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Progressive Front Fork Springs for GL1500 soak up small bumps yet are firm enough to absorb the larger ones. Spring rates have been chosen to reduce front end dive under braking. Improves handling while maintaining OEM geometry.

Famous progressive fork springs provide better damping and a better ride due to the stock factory springs being way too soft which causes a diving affect when braking hard.

This is the best thing you could do for a better handling on any GL1500 Gold Wing.

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Excellent upgrade!

My front forks on my 96 GL1500SE were leaking and I knew that it was going to be a big job to fix it. I was originally going to buy racetech emulators but the installation seemed overwhelming and my local shop wanted a fortune to do the job. I installed these springs, new fork seals (kit from wingstuff) and it transformed my bike. No more front end dives during braking and more responsive. I used 10 weight fork oil and added no air to the shocks and they are perfect for me (250 pound guy). I never did a job like this before but I followed the tutorial on Steve Saunders forum and completed the job without any snags. I found compressing the springs to be easy, I did it myself and just marked where the thread began on the fork. Great upgrade-this fixed the one issue I had with the bike-I will keep this bike forever!

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Riverview, FL
Progressive Fork Spring

Adds a lot of stiffness to the front end… This is a good thing too as I found the stock to be mushy. I have an ‘89 GL1500 and I installed my progressives back in 06’. Added air to the forks too as my ‘89 did not have this feature. This combination makes for a very responsive sporty front suspension for such a big bike. Taking the old ones out and installing the new ones can be a bit tricky. If you’re doing this at home this is a two person job. One of the two should be a pretty hefty bubba to get the spring back in without tearing up any threads inside the fork.

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Love my new springs its like a new front for my old wing. Not that easy of a job but worth it.

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Fort Dodge, IA

I have been riding and racing bikes along time and this is one of the best improvement in handling you can make. I have installed these on bikes since the early 80's. Made huge difference in my wing's handling.

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Kent, WA

Spent the first of the month installing these progressive and rear progressive as well. While I was at it, replaced the rear rotar, front and back brake pads. My '88' 1500 is a totally different bike. Handling is awesome. Not too stiff and handles the corners well. I could tell the front stock shocks were in need of attention, but wow, didn't realize just how bad until now.
I'm sure mamma will give our bike the thumbs up!!

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