Full Cover Grey/Silver w/Carry Bag for Gold Wing


Full Cover Grey/Silver w/Carry Bag for Gold Wing
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Lightweight Grey/Silver Cover is designed specifically for the Honda Goldwing and is easy to identify front to back with a small logo on front. This quality Full Size Cover fits all Goldwings. We buy these in large quantities and offer them to the Gold Wing riders at a Super Low Price!

Compact size allows cover to fold up very small in its draw string carry bag (included) and does not take up much room in a trunk or saddlebag when not in use. You won't find a deal like this anywhere else.

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Great Product

We bought our motorcycle cover about 6 years ago and it is still in perfect condition. We have used it many times in various types of weather. I highly recommend this product.

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Lampasas, TX
Excellent value

Great lightweight cover for daily use. I ride to work every day. I cover the bike at home and at work so this cover gets daily use. I am currently on my second cover. First cover lasted about 18 months in central Georgia in about 50 percent sun 50 percent shade. The cover never left any scratches from being put on and taken off regularly. It does protect from the sun and dust very well. My 2 year old wing looks showroom new still. Water does get through a little but is not of concern to me.

Also, another kudos for Wingstuff staff. You guys are awesome when it comes to customer service. Received my shipment in 3 days.

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Georgetown, TX
Must have been a Change in specs

This is the second cover I have ordered, great for dust. Here in Texas last about 8 months, just received my new one, issue is the center tie down is to short, does not reach other eyelet.

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MacClenny, FL

Have to agree with some of the others, this cover is thin but covers the entire bike (2010 Goldwing) but, there is NO reinforcement for the antenna areas. I'm in the electrical feild and I use the plastic covers that comes on a new reel of cable mostly control cable, split it up the middle or drill from the inside of it thru the top and slide it over the antenna (best wat so it won't slip off). Not bad though for the price. Would be nice if it were made with access to the trunk via a velcro type port..

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Sun City Center, FL

This cover makes a good dust cover. First time I used the cover it rained and my seat was wet the next morning. The whole bike wasn't wet, just some areas.

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