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Goldwing Comfort Grip Covers are sold as a pair - fits GL1800/GL1500/GL1200. Easy to install grips covers simply slip right over your existing ones. Great for adding a little thickness and cushioning. Made of CE (CPE/EPDM) Foam which is UV, ozone, gas, and oil resitant. CE Foam will not weaken or crack as a result of years of outdoor exposure. Compatible with standard and heated grips.

Length: 5 in.
Diameter: Fits 1.25-1.45 in. grips

74 Member Reviews

Exactly what they claim to be

Installation wise, don't just spray hairspray in the grip covers... also spray the grip itself with a healthy dose and these will just slide right on with a minimum of effort.

My first attempt I only sprayed hairspray in the grip covers and yeah, it wasn't happening. Got about halfway on and they were stuck. Sprayed the grip itself with a ton of hairspray and re-sprayed the inside of the grip covers and it was MUCH easier to slide them all the way on.

As for the covers themselves, they are exactly as described. Nice feel and definitely thicken up the grips some.

Oh... I also found removing the bar-end weights also made installation a lot easier.

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Toronto, CA

These are exactly what I was looking for. Right size and comfortable. Install was easy. I just sprayed quick detailer and it slid like a charm.

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Davenport, OK
GRIPS DON'T FIT 2006 GoldWing

The only reason I didn't put 0 stars is because there is not one. A way to small opening. I do not recommend these to anyone. Save your money.

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Graham, NC
Helped quell some handgrip vibration

These are high-quality and very easy to install. To install you simply spray some hairspray inside of the foam tube and slide them on to the motorcycles grips.

It may have been just me but in the past I could not ride my wing without getting numbness in the right hand after hitting tar snakes and bumps on the road. My right hand was going numb after only 15 to 20 minutes of riding.

These grips seem to have fixed my problem as I can hold onto the handle bar for an hour or more. They really quelled some of vibration that I was getting through the handlebars when hitting small bumps.

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Rockford, IL
Outstanding for the price

The stock grips on my GL1800 were too thin and too hard, but replacing grips with the electric heating element in them would be too expensive. These grip covers made the grips much more comfortable and fully met my needs for a softer, more easily held grip for longer rides. These work far better than the cheaper off-brand grips that I had bought on Amazon.

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