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Goldwing Comfort Grip Covers are sold as a pair - fits GL1800/GL1500/GL1200. Easy to install grips covers simply slip right over your existing ones. Great for adding a little thickness and cushioning. Made of CE (CPE/EPDM) Foam which is UV, ozone, gas, and oil resitant. CE Foam will not weaken or crack as a result of years of outdoor exposure. Compatible with standard and heated grips.

Length: 5 in.
Diameter: Fits 1.25-1.45 in. grips

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Duluth, GA
Good Deal!

After the Kury but on the heated grip covers....these saved the day! Kicking myself...$13 vs. a total waste of $125. Feel good...we'll see how they last.

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San Jose, CA
Very Soft and Comfortable, but Too Thick for me

These grip covers are very nice, soft, and durable, only took 2 minutes to install with WD-40 on my F6B. I installed these a day before my 11 hour day ride to Yosemite. With the covers on, the grips are a lot thicker than stock, I don't have large hands, so I had to adjust the brake and clutch levers to the #5 setting so I could operate the levers correctly. But on the way back from Yosemite, my throttle hand began to cramp up badly (no cruise control). So, I am going to remove the stock Honda grips, and use the covers by them selves, then they will be the perfect fit for me.

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Santa Rosa, CA
Adds cushion and comfort for large hands

After using Kuryakyns ISO grips for years on my '07 Wing, I decided to give these grips a shot since they were a fraction of the price and had good reviews. Just got back from a 2000 mile sojourn on my 2nd generation Wing and loved these grips. For those with large hands, they added a larger diameter more comfortable grip and cushioning making the ride more pleasant and comfortable. Plus, these grips allow very good heat transmission from the heated Wing grips for excellent comfort during those cold riding days. Went on easily by spraying the grips of the Wing and this product with a Dawn dish washing detergent and water and combination and then letting them dry in place. For the low price, these are worth trying out.

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Oxnard, CA
Great grip covers!

I love these grip covers!the stock grips always seemed a little to small for my hands these grip covers make the fit perfect they work well with my grip heaters and feel great riding down the road. I use compressed air and they slip right on. I ride my bike just about everyday and they have held up very well and are reasonable priced. I'll have them on my bike for as long as they are avaible. I'm about due for a new set I'll be ordering two.

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Virginia Beach, VA
install is tough

A friend got me these after seeing them on my wishlist. The install was tough, but I should have read previous comments first recommending wd40 and such. My OEM heated grips were showing signs of age and I had to choose to either replace them or find an alternative. These work great to keep the look and the heat still comes through. They will make your grips a little bigger around so you'll have to get used to it but overall I'm happy I had these on my wishlist and that I have friends nice enough to look at what I want.

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