Hogg Togg Rainsuit

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Hogg Togg Rainsuit
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Waterproof and breathable. Frogg reflective piping provides better visibility at night. Full cut for active use and ease of wear over insulated clothing. Available in black, orange and yellow.

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Wise, VA
Not good

I bought this rain suit figured it would work better than a 20 dollar Walmart one. I was wrong if you ride in rain for extended period of time like i so expect your whole crotch area to be wet and for it to drop around the collar if you move your neck the slightest bit while riding. Maybe I just got a bad suit but I would not reccoment this if you ride in rain a lot.

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Sand Springs, OK
Nice Rain Suit

Bought this suit and I am very pleased with it. Have rode in the rain a few times and so far it has not leaked at all and it is nice to block the wind off as well.

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Virginia Beach, VA
Works Great and Looks Good

I had the rain suit for a year and almost forgot I had it my saddlebag. I used it for a parade and spent about 5.5 hour in the rain. the rain suit did its job. Driving to the parade, waiting for it take place and interstate riding after the parade. Very pleased with this product. Will buy on for the wife once she starts riding more.

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Da Chief
Orlando, FL
Hogg Togg Rainsuit(s)

My wife and I keep our rain suits with us in our bikes at all times (it's the prudent thing to do in central Florida where brief showers are a daily event.) We've had nothing but Frog Toggs for years now and just purchased this set when our Horny Toadz finally wore out.

You can't beat the quality and as far as the price, you get what you pay for. We are very pleased with our Hogg Toggs and look forward to staying dry as we ride daily and year around.

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Mesquite, TX
Good rain suit!

Had to use this suit on a recent trip from Dallas, Texas to North Carolina. Very easy to put on. The flared legs were a breeze to put on over my boots. Only give it 4 stars because the pockets are so far back on the jacket, and one of the pocket zippers broke the on the first trip. Keeps you very dry though.

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