Famous Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800


Famous Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800
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Proudly Made in USA, The Utopia Backrest is the Original High Quality In Seat Style Backrest designed for and fits any year GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle, including the heated seat version and the 2012 - 2016 GL1800. This is the new version of the backrest and is made with non-dimpled material.

Utopia is the Driver backrest that becomes a part of your seat. No bars in the way of drivers hips and legs or passengers legs. Folds forward to ease passenger getting On or Off and adds to safety by getting out of the way in sudden stops. Includes up and down height adjustment, as well as driver seating position, back and forth, to help driver sit upright to avoid slouching--a big factor in driver fatigue.

Backrest pivots at top of bar as you lean against it so no uncomfortable edges dig into your back. Well padded, but only 1-1/2 thick which takes up less seating room than most other backrests. All Top Bars are finished in a Beautiful Black Powder Coat. Comes with handy pouch with strap to convert to shoulder bag. Hand made in USA, fits all GL1800 Gold Wings.

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Feilding, NZ
Sceptical no more

In over 30 years riding, I never could see what all the fuss was about regarding backrests and so for a very long time I have been quite sceptical. And then I bought one of these. Easy enough to fit, done in a half hour. At first, my scepticism was in full control and I didn't really think it made much difference. Then after about an hour it kicked in. I had not realised just how much vibration and how many jolts my back absorbed even on a short ride until I began to notice most of this shock was now being taken up by the backrest. Once I'd got used to the idea that it's not designed as a brace to be glued permanently to my back but more of a guiding hand, I adjusted it accordingly. The difference is amazing. I have always been impressed by the stability of the Goldwing but it just went to a new level. Acceleration is a new game as all the pull on the arms and shoulders is now gone. Before, I used to think that a backrest would be a bit of a hinderance in corners. Not so, in fact it actually helps by holding you still once you've got position and again, accelerating out is a whole new sensation. Would I recommend this backrest? You bet your arse I do!

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Bentonville, AR
All Day Comfort

Years of dirt bike racing took a toll on my back. A backrest is a must have for me. I discovered the Utopia Backrest in 2001 and put one on my Valkyrie. It made riding much more enjoyable. I have since put one on my 2008 Goldwing and my 2012 Goldwing. This purchase will be mounted on my 2017 Wing. I will not be without one. It provides great support and it leans forward to allow you to get on the bike with ease. And it also comes with a pouch on the back for small items. I believe it has Famous in it's name for a good reason. It has become famous by word of mouth and I will always share with people how great this backrest works.

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Davis, CA
Pain Be Gone!

I have owned this backrest for about a year and I could not be happier. When I purchased the bike I was transitioning from a sport touring bike that had more of a rider forward design that stretched the back forward and alleviated some of the pressure. With the new Gold Wing, I was sitting straight up and the seat did nothing for the middle back to provide support. not long after I purchased the bike, I would notice stiffness and soreness on even short rides - Enter the Utopia Backrest. With the Utopia, I was able to make adjustments forward to help provide support for my back. The change was IMMEDIATELY noticeable. I would not ride without. As to installation, it was pretty straight forward minus cutting into the seat for the support bar. IT also flips forward and down to allow easier access to the rear and main seat.

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Sparta, GA
Great product

Could not be happier with this backrest. EVERYTHING riders say it is. Wingstuff shipped in no time. Great company to purchase from.

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Duluth, GA
Will be a true back saver!

Took a bit of fiddling with...but awesome feel. Love the adjustments! Can't complain one bit!

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  • GL1800 2001-2016
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2016