Famous Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800


Famous Utopia Driver Backrest for GL1800
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Proudly Made in USA, The Utopia Backrest is the Original High Quality In Seat Style Backrest designed for and fits any year GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle, including the heated seat version and the 2012 - 2016 GL1800. This is the new version of the backrest and is made with non-dimpled material.

Utopia is the Driver backrest that becomes a part of your seat. No bars in the way of drivers hips and legs or passengers legs. Folds forward to ease passenger getting On or Off and adds to safety by getting out of the way in sudden stops. Includes up and down height adjustment, as well as driver seating position, back and forth, to help driver sit upright to avoid slouching--a big factor in driver fatigue.

Backrest pivots at top of bar as you lean against it so no uncomfortable edges dig into your back. Well padded, but only 1-1/2 thick which takes up less seating room than most other backrests. All Top Bars are finished in a Beautiful Black Powder Coat. Comes with handy pouch with strap to convert to shoulder bag. Hand made in USA, fits all GL1800 Gold Wings.

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Flying wings
Lamont, CA
Still very good!

After 4 years and 13 000 km this item still look like new.
I recommend this item.

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Crystal City, MO
Utopia is the Best!!!

If you like comfort on short or long rides you'll love this backrest! Installation is fairly easy, about 2 hours and seat is back on Wing.
Great Product and would buy again...

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Made my 6K ride so comfortable.

I just finished a 6K round trip ride that started in Dayton, OH and went to Seattle, WA. My friend's and I did this trip in under 9 days and if it hadn't been for this back rest I am sure that my back would have paid for it.

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Clinton, TN
Did a lot of research before buying this

I sat on a lot of seats with different backrests and settled on this one. I read all the reviews and so many of them had negative comments on the backrests with the rails on the side, saying they were uncomfortable for the passenger. I will admit to being skittish about cutting my seat to install this product but there was nothing to it, after you get started. And the difference it has made in longer trips has been nothing short of phenomenal!!

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Mt Pleasant, MI
Utopia driver backrest

Great price for this back rest, Wingstuff was $30.00 less than my local dealer.
After getting over the shock of having to cut my seat the job was done in 30 minutes. It took longer to reinstall the seat than it did to put the the back rest on. Looks good and feels great against my back.

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  • GL1800 2001-2016
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2016