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Honda GL1800 Heated Chrome Comfort Grips are a direct replacement for the stock oem factory heated GL1800 grips. Fit all Honda Goldwing 1800 with Factory Honda Heated grips. Includes all necessary mounting hardware and instructions. These are very comfortable and offer a larger diameter compared to the stock Honda heated rubber grips. Helps prevent hand fatigue and adds a nice custom look to your Honda GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle.

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Amarillo, TX
Better than stock.

I went with these to replace the stock grips on my 2009 Goldwing audio comfort. Didn’t use directions. All grips pretty much work the same. They fit perfectly. 1 star off because glue bottle was dry. Had to get glue.

I can’t testify to heat from the grips as I am still putting on winter parts.

I do recommend sanding left handlebar. It’s a tight fit.

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Plano, TX
OK but not great

The heated grips and seat stopped working on my 06 GL1800 and this was the cheapest solution to the very small diameter OEM grips that cost twice as much and cause hand fatigue. Installation is fairly easy and there are a few great YouTube videos that cover the installation more clearly than the printed instructions. I tested the grips on a day where the temp. was 58 degrees after waiting the required 48 hours glue drying time. I took my bike for a 30 minute test drive. It appeared that these grips take much longer to come to full heat than the OEM grips and then I do not think they get as hot or heat as evenly as the OEM grips ( I always had to turn down my the OEM heat setting on much colder days - I never did turned these down from max. heat after 30 minutes in temps of 58 degrees which is not really cold). It appears that these grips tend to get much warmer closer to the beginning of the grips than the middle or ends (at least during my test drive). I think the hard rubber inserts stick out far enough from the metal surface that it makes it harder to feel the heat uniformly over your hand/glove surface. I prefer the larger diameter of these grips vs. the OEM's but comfort is average - not nearly as nice as other grips that I have installed on other bikes in the past. Overall these are OK (based on a 30 minute test drive) and an affordable way to get your failed heated seats and grips back (if caused by faulty grips) but nothing to write home about and I am skeptical if these will really do the job on a really cold day. Will know soon enough!!

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Sault Ste Marie, CA

Finally got rid of the small OEM grips. Took a while to install cause Honda put I think a gallon of glue on the old ones.It was not made to come off!LOL Greta service like usual Wing Stuff.

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Urbandale, IA
Great Grips Easy to Install

After finding my left grip with an open in the circuit, I ordered these to replace my stock grips on my 06. They look great and feel great. The heat output and temperature is the same if not better than my old grips. Now that the failed grip is replaced, the grips and seats are heating properly again. Great to have on a warm February afternoon in Iowa.

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Brazoria, TX
Heated Grips

I brought and installed these heated hand grips a couple months ago and they look great on the bike. They don’t get as hot as the factory ones but hot enough for the Texas gulf coast.

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