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Heated Comfort Grips
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Honda GL1800 Heated Chrome Comfort Grips are a direct replacement for the stock oem factory heated GL1800 grips. Fit all Honda Goldwing 1800 with Factory Honda Heated grips. Includes all necessary mounting hardware and instructions. These are very comfortable and offer a larger diameter compared to the stock Honda heated rubber grips. Helps prevent hand fatigue and adds a nice custom look to your Honda GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle.

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Brazoria, TX
Heated Grips

I brought and installed these heated hand grips a couple months ago and they look great on the bike. They don’t get as hot as the factory ones but hot enough for the Texas gulf coast.

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jeddah, SA

Be patient with the installation the glue drying too quickly, just put some of the included glue on the left side and rotating. then line up the the harness, I have used wire connectors for wiring. heating grips are more than enough. really worth money. very nice look added surprise for me and my wife. thank you so much WINGSTUFF

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Fineview, NY
Heated Grips

I installed these last week with the help of a buddy. (There are one or two steps where having three hands helps.) I elected to solder the wires instead of using the connectors - they are low grade but usable if you are careful - then I covered my joints with heat shrink tubing and this gave a close fit which slipped back into the wire channels really well. My OEM grips were not working, when I peeled the old grips off the heating elements were pooched. These new ones fit well, went on easily, and work splendidly! AND, thanks to that the circuit is now completed and my heated seats work again! . Nice product, good value for money, about a 2 hour project (including swearing).

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Glendale, AZ
Nice grips.

Got these the other day and installed them. Like others have said the connectors are a little goofy and you have to really make sure you have them crimped. I added a good amount of shrink wrap and they held nice and fit into the handlebar cavity fine. The heat is good, not as hot as the factory ones but WAY better than the clam shell covers I had before. Quite happy with them.

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Mark & Peggy
North Branch, MN
Look Good, Heat not as good!

My left Honda grip quit working and when this happens none of the heated items work because of goofy honda wiring. I bought these because of price and they kind of look good. I ride late into the fall here in minnesota and need the heated things to work good. These grips will not do a very good job at 30 degrees. Get some thick gloves if your ride in that temp. There supposed to be 20% warmer and I think thats because there 20% bigger. Your hand will not go around the big grip and I have long fingers. The big rubber pieces between the chrome are to big and I find the bumps uncomfortable. The Honda grips get way hotter! Thats what is important to me. If your bare handed the grip is ok but put a glove on and the grip seems to big. These are good at 40 degrees and up and have good looks. Wiring was simple.

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