Chrome Luggage Rack for GL1800

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Chrome Luggage Rack for GL1800
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Chrome Luggage Rack fits ANY Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle. Matches curves of your trunk and mounts With or Without optional Hondaline Lighted Top Trunk Spoiler. Great looking as well as practical for carrying extra luggage.

Note - This Updated Version now fits any year Honda GL1800 With or Without optional hondaline top trunk spoiler.

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James A.
Bayonne, NJ
Great product

Just bought my third one and yes it's for my third wing !

Great to fly our country's flags. Never had a problem with the chrome, while protecting and polishing with never dull.

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Colbert, WA
Have always liked these Racks.

OK, will they rust? Yes if not properly taken care off. So when you wax your bike, wax the rack. I liked the design better than the Kuryakyn. It was simply a matter of choice. This was installed on my 2005 GL1800. My bike is metallic blue so it breaks up the color nicely. I guess I would say - it accents it.

Formerly I owned a 1996 SE with this type of rack. The small rubbers and washers caused a hair line crack to emerge on the underneath side of the trunk. My son and I fiber glassed over it, then I bought the large flat chromed washers and placed them under the rack's legs. I did the same on my current 2005 when I installed the rack. The larger washers spreads the concentrated weight out over the trunk more. Less chance of a crack appearing. Just don't exceed the total weight if strapping stuff on.

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Sault Ste Marie, CA

Just bought my 2014 Gl18 in June and needed the rack for my flags & Tazz.
Thanks for the fast service Wingstuff.
Fit & finish are great . Installed in 15 minutes.

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Springvale, ME
rack for trunk lid

I purchased this brand in 2010 from the shop I bought my Wing from. All is well with construction of Trunk Rack, However it has rusted badly, mostly at the welds. I am going to have it sand blasted and will paint and clear coat.

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Jacksonville, FL
Follows Trunk Contours

I bought this for my 2012 with the 3rd brake light spoiler. This rack fits perfectly without touching or rubbing the spoiler or the back of the back rest cushion. Take your time drilling the mounting holes. Having another pair of hands wouldn't hurt to hold the rack in place while you mark the mounting holes on the trunk. Make sure you have proper clearance on all sides. Use frog tape on your painted surface while fitting the rack to avoid scratches on your paint. I applied a good coat of wax on the rack BEFORE i mounted it taken care to get all of the hard to reach places coated well. I've put a couple of thousand miles with the rack with no signs of rust or pitting. For those of you complaining of rust on your chrome, I have a product for you; ACF-50. Look it up, order it and say goodbye to rust and corrosion.

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