3 in 1 Filter Wrench, 17mm Magnetic Drain Bolt, OEM Oil Filter, Crush Washers Combo


3 in 1 Filter Wrench, 17mm Magnetic Drain Bolt, OEM Oil Filter, Crush Washers Combo
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Magnetic COMBO Kit - Includes NEW 17mm Larger Head Magnetic Oil Drain Bolt for GL1500, GL1800, 3 in 1 Oil Filter Wrench for GL1500, GL1800 Honda / Factory OEM Oil Filter / Crush Washer 10-pack. Our 3 in 1 wrench design fits GL1500, GL1800 Magnetic Oil Drain Bolts (13mm) AND stock factory oil drain bolt (17mm). Also fits most late model Honda motorcycles. 

NOTE - Filter Side of wrench fits Factory Honda OEM Oil Filters Only! Not designed to fit aftermarket brand oil filters.

NEW Large 17MM Head Magnetic Drain Bolt for GL1500, GL1800 has same large head size as stock oem, but the protection of being magnetic to pick up harmful particals in your oil. This magnetic drain bolt is included in kit and attracts and holds ferrous metal particles that circulate thru your lubricating system causing even faster wear on engine. Replaces the oil drain plug as well as the final drive oil drain plug for any Honda GL1500, GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle.

Monitoring the Magnetic Oil Drain Bolt during oil changes gives you an early warning of possible engine problems that could be developing. Replaces the stock Engine Oil Drain Plugs on  Honda GL1500, GL1800 Gold Wing AND Rear Final Drive Oil Drain Plug.

This high quality Magnetic Drain Bolt and Smart wrench are Made in USA.



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San Antonio , TX
Magnetic Drain Bold

This drain bolt is for BOTH the Oil Drain and the Final Drive drain. Why does this kit not include TWO drain bolts???

Ordering this kit now, but now have to find the separate part number for the second drain bolt...

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St, George, UT
Great Package

Wrench works great and is nice to have the extra crush washers.

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Wentzville, MO
Highly Recommend

Very good package here.
Love the filter wrench (no need to remove anything else to change the filter!)
Crush washers are nice for future oil changes and the plug is magnetic to protect your engine from filings too.
I would definitely recommend buying this if you are doing your own oil changes and don't have a wrench and replacement plug.

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Wausau, WI
HanDy Tool and Great Package

Love the tool! Makes it simple and quick! 😀 Having the crush washers handy makes it so I never have to worry about the drips!!!

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South Bend , IN
Do your own oil changes? Then you need this!

Makes servicing your own bike much easier with the correct tools to do the job!

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  • GL1500 1988-2000
  • GL1500 Trike 1988-2000
  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017