HyperKewl Soakable Cooling Deluxe Wide Neck Tie

Very Happy

I have tried the vests and other neck coolers and have to say that these are the best that I have tried. For the price you will not be disappointed. They do dry up after about 1 to 2 hours, depending on temperatures. I would recommend buying several so that you can change them out without having to do a pre-soak. Another benefit is that it keeps the sun off of your neck, another advantage.

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Springfield, IL
Pretty good.

I bought this to go with my vest, and I must say it works pretty good! Keeps your neck about 15-20 degrees cooler than outside temperature and lasts a couple hours.

When one side gets warm, just flip it over and you're back in business.

Easy to re-charge in cool water for about 5 minutes.

Nice to have on those hot days on the bike or off!

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Las Vegas, NV
HyperKewl Neck Tie

For solo Goldwing trike riders --- I have two and keep one in my small cooler on the right passenger footrest. I keep the tip out and can easily reach down and grab a new one and then put the old one in the cooler to recharge. Neat. I also find that reversing the neck tie seems cooler as I ride. Overall, a must item in the dry hot southwest.

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Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Get em

Provides the needed relief from the heat. They fit well and stay in place. Excellen companion to the Hyperkewl vest. Wish I had purchased before.

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San Diego, CA
Does a great job of cooling.

I used this item while traveling through Baker, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Mesquite, NV, and St George, UT which are some of the hottest places on the face of the earth in August. It absorbed water quickly and did a great job of keeping my neck cool. It worked so well that it made the temperature seem much cooler, like 95 instead of 115. If you're an idiot, like my friends and I, and plan a long trip through the Mohave Desert in August, you need one of these. Take a 2 gallon baggie, place the neck tie and your cooling vest in it and fill it with enough water to soak everything. When the vest and tie dry out, just stick them in the baggie for a few minutes to absorb more water and you're all set to go again. I really like this neck tie and my opinion is that it works better than the skinny ones with the beads.

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San Antonio, TX
Fantastic product

Works well, stays in place and a good price. I bought several and gave them to friends too. they all liked them. Definitely buy if you ride in hot temps.

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San Antonio, TX

very nice, makes riding on a 100 plus day a lot more tollerable, I bought 6 of them, keep a few in the bottom of my ice chest, swap about every hour. i just tuck the ends into my shirt. you do need to thourghly wash them before you use them.

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Riding Lady
The OC, CA

Bought this mid-July 2010 along with the cooling vest, great investment, I can use this or the vest or both together.
Cooled up really quickly after total immersion for about 1/2 hour but only lasted about 1 1/2 hours that I can tell (took it off after that, sorry, didn't pay attention to how cool it was)
Maybe next time I'll put it in the freezer.
I know that I can fold it up and put it in my little storage area on my bike and if it gets hot and I need it, I can pull into a gas station or somewhere and immerse it.
Only gave 4 stars because it IS pretty long and I couldn't figure out if the velcro allowed it to stay wrapped around the neck 2x (didn't quite make it) or just allowed the ends to 'stay together' when I put it down into my bra. Unfortunately I left the bag and stuff at the dealer so didn't grab the instructions.
Oh well, it worked really nicely, especially in conjunction with the cooling vest.

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Rogers, AR

Well the description is a little misleading. You CAN soak this necktie but it is cooled by putting the enclosed cold pack in the freezer, refrigerator or on ice. The phase change pack hardens and then slip into a pocket in the tie. Basically this is an ice pack for your neck.

The tie is wide and flat, therefore touching more skin then the common soakable evaporative cooling tie. It is "non slime" because of this difference, the sealed coolpack never melts on your skin, it phase changes from a cold solid to a liquid as it adsorbs heat from your body.

Why only 4 stars? The manufacturer claims "up to 8 hours of cooling". I found the cool packs melted and warmed in about 2 hours. So if you want all day cooling buy a few and "recharge" the other ones in an ice cooler or fridge.

Still a good device, just not as good as the manufacturer boasts about.

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My wife & I got these this summer and they work great. They are not slimmy, they take less time to soak, they are wider and they last longer. They have velcro so you don't have to tie them. Great companion to the new NO-SLIME cooling vest Rick now sells which we have and they are the same. Less soaking, no slime and last longer. Not to mention the price

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