Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers for GL1800 Gold Wing

Pakit Rak

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers for GL1800 Gold Wing
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Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers fit any year GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle. Rubber Baby Bumpers stop the chaffing on your GL1800 trunk lid. Regains the proper gap between the trunk lid and the trunk body. Eliminates paint damage due to chaffing. Easy to install (full size layout template included). Requires drilling (4) 1/4" diameter holes.

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Ionia, MI
Hard to put in

I purchased the buggy bumpers but besides shutting very hard,, My trunk open lights keep coming on,, any one know how to adjust it so the trunk open lights go off?

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Colbert, WA
Installed on two of My Wings

I had these on my 2004 ABS and recently bought these for my 2005 GL1800. Now. the template shows the exact edge spot where you line it up on the trunk. And when you mark the spots you will see the spots are very close to the outside edge of the trunk (you will think 'to close'). Reason is there is a double layer of plastic for connecting the trunk together towards the inside edge. I drilled the holes and then spitted on them (as instructed) and used a small screw driver to push the edge on the outside part of the bumper into the hole. After getting it to start into the hole on the edge I then pulled them down with needle nose pliers (back and forth) and continued to work the small screw driver around the upper outside edge. They then popped in. Yes, the trunk will be tight closing, but my experience with them on my older 2004 bike is after a while they do form in and the trunk becomes easier to close. The instructions will tell you all of this. I definitely think they are well worth it.

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Alvarado, TX
Just be a little flexible.

Like everyone is saying. Patience putting them in is the key. Front is harder to get in. Opening and closing is different Needs firmer closing and slight downward pressure when opening. You get the feel what it takes to open and close. Haven't had thenm in that long but seems to do what they are supposed to.

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Nanaimo, CA
not worth drilling the holes

bought these a few years ago and finally tried to put them on. The ones at the rear seem to be OK but the ones at the front or hinge side both broke trying to get them in. There are 2 layers of the trunk where they tell you to drill so I could not pull them in far enough for them to sit properly. Even with lube on the rubber when I pulled hard to try to get them seated they broke.

Going to try the hose inserted in the gasket.

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San Antonio, TX

Following directions wasn't to hard to install. Have used for 3 months now and trunk still requires push to fully close. Keeps trunk lid in line and bumpers seem to do what was advertised.

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