Luggage Rack + Deluxe Rack Bag COMBO for GL1800


Luggage Rack + Deluxe Rack Bag COMBO for GL1800
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Chrome Luggage Rack + Deluxe Black Luggage Rack Bag for the GL1800 Gold Wing COMBO. Includes our best selling Chrome Luggage Rack that fits ANY Honda GL1800 Gold Wing.

COMBO also includes our famous Black Luggage Rack Bag that has always been rated # 1 by our reviewers with heavy duty hide-away zip-out rain cover.

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Captain J
5 stars for the rack - 1 star for the bag

I gave the bag 1 star because the zippers on the bag don't "lock". The two small pockets facing forward can unzip as you're traveling down the road causing whatever is in there to fall out...and you won't even know it until you stop and get off the bike. So far, the main zipper has not come open and hopefully it won't. I'd hate to loose my Gor-Tex rain gear.

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Vanceboro , NC
Love/hate my rack

So, the title says it all. I Love/hate my rack. The rack itself is absolutely what it says it is. Still pretty new, but so far chrome looking good, sturdy, but my hate part really has nothing to do with the actual product. 70% of people I talked to said beware because of cracks will come into trunk lid. Sure enough I have some stress cracks. Can't say it's from the rack itself, but pretty sure wouldn't of happened if hadn't drilled the holes for the rack. After some reinforcements from under the lid with making big square fiberglass plastic weld patches to sturdy up the area where the rack bolts I have eliminated further cracking so far. Time will tell. Hope this will help you decide. I must say that I love being able to stick my lawn chirs up there when going to a concert or event.

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Gary, TX
Nice set

Rack was easy to install and works well when needed. Bag held up nicely through a trip to Arkansas . Ran into rain on the trip and rain guard worked well, everything stayed dry. Hope to get many more uses from them.

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Peachland, CA
excellent set

I have logged about 50,000 miles over 6 summers and this set works perfect. great price, easy to install, no rusting of the rack over 6 years although the bike is mostly garaged when not travelling.

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Manassas, VA
I've had no problems at all

I did a fair amount of reading before selecting this rack. The comments on every rack I considered included many complaints about rust appearing quicker than buyers expected, so I just took that as a given. I bought mine June of 2012 and 3 years later I have no rust at all. (knock on wood)

The bag and rain cover seem to be great quality but I have not yet been caught in the rain while using them so I can't speak to the ability to keep stuff dry.

I, too, have found attaching the bag to the rack with the straps to be somewhat difficult. If there is a "right" way to do it, it isn't obvious to me and every time I just end up messing around with it until I get it secure.

One other issue is the bag is so roomy, it's easy to overload it and exceed the weight capacity of the rack and trunk lid. So be careful when loading up the bag.

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