Wig Wag Brake Modulator

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Wig Wag Brake Modulator
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Compact solid state electronic module converts your ordinary brake lights into your choice of TWO attention getting, visual alerting signals. Easily fits any Twin Brake Light found on ALL Honda GL1500, GL1800 Goldwing. Easy Installation..

Note: Designed for motorcycles equipped with two brake lights located side-by-side such as 1988 through the newest Honda Goldwings.

MODE ONE - Emits 4 alternating quick flashes of the left and right brake lights, followed by 3 short flashes and 1 long flash (3.5 seconds) of both brakes lights. The 3 short flashes and 1 long flash pattern automatically repeats itself as long as the brakes are held.

MODE TWO - Emits a visual signal of 4 alternating quick flashes of the left and right brake lights, followed by 3 short flashes of both brake lights and then the brake light remains steady until the brake is released.

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louisville, KY
poor instructions

Mine is still laying in the basement. Installed a cheaper competitor's and love the look and funtion. People really either back off or go around.

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Rick & Joanie
Wesley Chapel, FL
They have to be blind not to see this!

I like lights that will help people see you---and they need to not have a license if they come up behind you and don't notice you. Had the dealership install this when it was picked up, so installation was really easy!

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Middlesboro, KY
Wig wag: buy his now!

I love this product . This is the second one I bought. I put it on my 2008, GL1800, and it is the cheapest , safest, thing you can ever do on a motorcycle. Read the instructions, drink a coke , take your time. Instructions are great! So this. Do this now.

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el paso, TX
Wiring configuration

This product is awesome. The modulation pattern really grabs your attention, and it is even more awesome at night. Discerning Goldwing wiring was no easy task and made this much more difficult than it should be. I have a 2001 Goldwing (just bought used with only 23K miles!). There is only ONE brake light wire going to the left side (trunk). It is green with a red stripe. This wire controls both left side brake lights. The right side (trunk) brake light has TWO brake wires, both green with red stripe. One controls one bulb, one controls the other bulb. There are two brown/white wires. These are for the driving lights. Do not cut them. There are two solid green wires. These are the grounds. When you make your connections, you must connect both power-side green/red wires to the red or orange wire from the module. You must connect both bulb side green/red wires to the red/white stripe wire from the module. And, you must connect the black ground wire to both both green ground wires. You will have to cut both wires and connect all four ends to the ground wire. I had to splice and add quite a bit of extra wire. Pain in the neck process, but the end result was worth it.

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Oregon City, OR
Great product

I especially like the new pattern it gives off. Two separate blink rates before going solid. Definitely gets attention.

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  • GL1500, GL1500 Trike
  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
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