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King Luxury Seat Set
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The New Ultimate GL1800 Goldwing Seats are here!!! Comes with driver backrest and lowline passenger backrest. All Ultimate Seats are designed for ultimate comfort. It feels like your butt has gone to heaven!!!

The Kingrider from Ultimate Seats is ideal for GL1800 trike riders. It sits a little higher then the Midrider, and is perfect due to the fact that the trike kit base brings your feet a little higher up then the standard GL1800.

Now available with heated option! We now offer our seats with the optional heating package that is a direct plug into the Honda OEM system. The heating pads are in the rider seat bottom, passenger seat bottom and passenger backrest. With our optional full heated seats your heated grips also operate from the OEM thermostat controller.

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Spring Grove, IL
Butt in Heaven

Just bought a new Ultimate for the 03 a few weeks ago. I bought through Ultimate seats for the options (black with croc Inlays). Wow! this is a nice seat. The wife loves that has more room and sits up straighter. The Midrider was perfect for me with my 30 inch inseams. This seat is a lot of money but worth every penny if you are doing long all day rides. This one replaces my Rode Sofa. The rode sofa was a nice seat too, but after 10 years and 40,000 miles it was time to replace it.

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Bellevue, NE
Kingrider (non trike)

I also bought my seat direct from Ultimate Seats for the options I wanted and this was only listed as a Trike version here.

I'm 6', 190lbs, but with an inseam of 35". The King seat fits me perfectly. I always felt cramp on the OEM seat. I now actually feel stretched out. I do have handlebar risers (in Tall rider position) and now my arms are basically straight out which to me is more comfortable and more like my previous cruiser. My wife felt the backrest for her gave her more support to her upper back. Rode it to work today for the first time with seat mounted and with the seat heater on, my buns were actually getting hot, had to turn the dial back a couple notches (was always on max for the OEM seat and barely felt it).

I got mine with the OEM heating, black ostrich side inlays and silver monogram stitching. Just gives it that little extra pop when you look at the bike now.

The only thing that bothered me was with the drivers backrest. It just slid in and I felt no locking to it and it would just wobble in the holder and when pushed back it actually pressed forward in seat. After my initial ride, I looked at it again a little closer. Found that the slot for the back rest was actually slightly behind the seat cutout. Once I put it into the "actually" bracket it locked in correctly and is now very secure.

For me, with the bike on the center stand, I can not reach the ground any more flat footed (toes still give me enough to push off of the stand). When I'm stopped on the bike, my feet are more under me (flat footed) now instead of being ahead of me on the ground, so it definitely raises you up.

Can't wait to do some longer distance riding on it now (IBA 'notso' Saddle Sore coming up in June).

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Clinton, AR

This is the BEST seat my wife and I have ever ridden. Purchased used (believe it or not) at a local Chapter Rally where the original owner was selling his trike. Rode home in the rain, however the trip was very enjoyable because of the new seat and the wife being happy, even in the rain. Now that's one hell of a seat!!!

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Jemison, AL

Bought my seat direct from Ultimate Seats because of the options I wanted. I feel that I have made an excellent purchase for me and my wife. I would highly recommend this seat for my fellow riders who are big and tall like myself. I think you will agree that, though the seat is a little expensive, it will be well worth the investment. P.S. You and your co-riders backside will agree too.

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