Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800

Leesburg, FL
Best balance results yet for me

Centramatic balancers were installed on my 2007 Goldwing prior to a 12,000 mile trip through 36 states in June/July of 2013. A new Bridgestone front tire was installed at the same time and the rear Bridgestone tire had about 3500 mile on it. I immediately felt improvement in the ride with reduced wobble in the front at low speed. Currently have 15,395 miles on the front tire with barley discernible cupping wear on the left side of the front tire. I should be able to get at least 3,000 or more miles of use on the front tire before worn down to the wear bars. The rear tire was replaced shortly after completion of the 12000 mile trip. Wear on the rear tire was even with very little cupping but down to the wear bars in the center of the tread. I was pulling a trailer for the entire trip and was two up for the last 3500 miles.

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Michael P.
Ballston Spa, NY
Centramatic Balancers

I installed these about 1000 miles ago on new tires for my 2012 Goldwing. Obviously new tires feel great no matter what brand. What I did notice was how smooth the handle bars are now. The bike feels "planted" on the road. Very steady with no harmonics. At really slow speeds you can hear the balls rolling around a little, but not annoying. Time will tell for the extended tire life. I do believe they are worth the money, the bike seems real stable, and smoother.

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best balancer ever

Thomas must work for Dyna Beads. This product works great. I've been running them for over 20k miles
and they do exactly as advertised. I run a Kuhmo 195-55-RF16 car tire on the rear and a Battleaxe BT 45 crotch rocket rear tire on the front. These beads keep these tires balanced perfectly for a smooth ride at all speeds. 2009 Goldwing. I wouldn't ride without them.

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Still BS

I wrote a negative review of this product in 08/2011. I will give Wing Stuff credit for reviewing my post and having Centramatic contact me. The Centramatic rep suggested that I may have had a bad tire (1st in 40 years), and that I should put them back on with the new tires. I waited until my next tire change with a completely different brand, I got the same result (moderate to severe vibration at 75 mph and above), but left them on mostly due to laziness. Last month I changed out my steering head bearings and replaced the front springs, still had the same vibration pattern. Decided to take them off after two rides, static balanced both wheels, it's as smooth as glass at over 100 mph (same tires). So Centramatic, if your offer reimburse me is still good, I'd love to send this scarp metal back to you.

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Littleton, CO
WOW!! What a difference

After balking at the price for a couple years I finally had these installed along with a new set of E3s. The difference is incredible. The bike rides likes it’s on a rail. Smooth as silk. I can take my hands off the bars at any speed with no wobble. I've never been able to that even with new tires. I ride lots of mountain roads and I can easily go 5-10 mph faster through the twistys and feel totally in control.

I'll have to see if this continues as I put miles on the tires.

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Gualala, CA
No brainer

I ride an 05 Wing based on the coast in Mendocino County, CA, and chew up tires every 4000 to 5000 miles, depending on the brand. It takes me at least 2 hours to get to anything that resembles a straight road, and my tires end up a mess. Also have a cellphone that I use as a GPS mounted on the left handlebar, and it constantly vibrates out of position. I put these balancers on and instantly felt the bike go to smooth as glass mode when I got up to speed, with no vibration whatsoever on the GPS. I can't wait to see what kind of mileage I'll get out of my tires now. Very impressive !!

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Algonquin, IL
Great Product and support

Finally a GREAT product and support to go with it. These balancers work as advertised and more. With slight cupping I installed these balancers. After about 200 miles my cupping is gone. I never worry about balancing again. Thanks for bringing my smooth ride back. Not a gimmic, just smart idea taht works. A must for the long haul and saving money!

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Villa Rica, GA
Wow! I wouldn't have believed it unless I tried it!!!

Well I tried it.. What an awesome difference. My 2008 Wing never rode so good. I cannot find one speed where it feels out off balance. These things with new tires make it feel like your riding on glass. Smooth and steady. You might think this product is kind of pricey but if your wing rode like mine and cupped tires like mine, then they aren't pricey at all. I am never going back to wheel weights on my Wing again. Hope this helps anyone on the edge. This is a much better option then the Dyna beads.

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Centramatic Wheel Balancers

My shop installed these on my 08 Wing along with a new set of Elite 3 tires. That was 4500 miles ago. Today there is cupping on one side of the front tire. Also the front tire bounces and feels very unstable at speeds over 80 mph. The only thing I can attribute this to is the Centramatic balancers. My mechanic agrees and next week they are being removed and replaced with dyna beads. I'm writing this review to help others avoid the costly mistake I made a few years ago.

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Cumming, GA

Easy install and well worth the money! I have had them one for a while...and I have a noticed a decrease in tire wear. Makes the bike feel more stable. I have told friends about these and they have purchased them....EVERYONE loves them!

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