Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800

Beaufort, SC
Update on previous post.

I recently stated that the balancers were noisy. Got a email from the inventor (I think) and he suggested that I take a look at my axle to ensure the marking on the left side was lined up correctly. It appeared to be, but I loosened it up as well as the pinch bolts, then re-torqued them. The noise is gone. Many thanks Geoff!!!

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Beaufort, SC

I have had my balancers on now for a week. The one thing I noticed right away was the sounds of the ball bearings slopping around at slow speed. A distraction at first, but I am getting use to it. I just recently replaced my original tires. I had Dynabeads installed right away in 08' and got 17,000 on my original rear tire and 18,000 on my original front. Hopefully these balancers will work just as good as dynabeads.

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West Jordan, UT
Definitely an improved ride!

Well, I finally installed the Centramatics this week on my 2012. They do the job as advertised. I am very pleased.

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Grove City, OH
temporary review

I have had these on my wheels now for approximately a month. Dont expect much in the way of correcting tires that have started the downhill slide, the cupping and irregular wear. I had to change tires today from Avon Cobra's to Bridgestones. Now i dont have the silky ride i use to have with a good spin balance, at least today i didnt and i was riding on some nice highway. Now i will give them a fair chance to see what they can do... BUT if they dont get any better than what they are right now .. they will end up at the bottom of the river.

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Wylie, TX
Best Investment you can make!

I have 25k mi on 2010 GL1800, 9k on my third set of tires (Avon Cobras- excellent performance), D250's OEM (good) & second set were E3s (worst) and I must say the Centra balancers, installed them today absolutely improved handling, reduced cornering hum, & made the bike feel more 'connected' to the road! They also reduced low speed wobble. the Avons were beginning to cup (as all sets have) & will be anxious to see if their life is extended post install. Install took me ~ 1.5 hrs performed all while on center stand. I reluctantly removed the wheel weights too, not being sure what to expect. No question Centras will pay for themselves in tire savings in short order. Std OEM suspension, but plan to add traxxion dynamics suspension front & rear at a future date.

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Lexington, SC
After Two Years - Exceptional!

I first had the Centramatics installed on my '05 Goldwing when I replaced the E3 with an Avon (not so sure that was a great decision). One year later (and one year ago) I traded up to a '12 and had the dealer put them on my new bike. Now, 11 months later, I have 10k on the original tires and they are just starting to cup. I'm not sure how much of the credit is due the Centramatics and what should be credited to the Bridgstones.

I will say this, as soon as I installed them on the '05 I felt a noticeable difference in the smoothness of the ride. My 2012 has been nothing but smooth, up until about 9700 miles on the front tire when it just started to cup. I am convinced this is one of the best investments I have made for the bike.

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Gold Wing Centramatic Stainless Steel Wheel Balancers

Installed the wheel balancers last fall. wanted to actually test them so rode the Smoky Mountains and deal gap. WOW they really work was able to lean the bike much mor then normal and able to scrape the pegs over and over again. love them

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Townsville, AU

Its been a couple of years now with this product we are still getting around 20K out of each set (B/S), in tropical heat, harsh & mostly straight roads, very good in these conditions.

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Thumper Ken
Youngstown, OH
Like new again

I'm hard to impress but these balancers are awsome. It's like having a life time spin balance. My rear tire has about 13000 miles and my front has 17000 and there starting to feel lose in the corners and the back was humming when you lean in the turns. Now with the Centramatic those same tires feel like a new set, cornering feels safe and secure, and the humming is going away. I usually get 15 to 16000 on the back, I can't wait to see if it goes longer. I have Dunlop E3's now, which I like best for milage but the price has jumped up so now I'm going to try Bridgestones.

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Palm Coast, FL
Installed at Wing Ding 34

Then I rode back to New Jersey from Ft Wayne Indiana! All I can say is Wow! They smooth out my 2012 Wing. And for me they do make turn in easier and slow speed handling better. 4 days before I went to Wing Ding I put new tires on so I can't yet speak about treed life. But I can say this I got 7k out of my tires that came with the bike so I'm looking to get many many more miles out of these with the Centramatic installed. But the smoothing out and handling was felt immediately! You can't go wrong with these...

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