Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800 Gold Wing

Seymour, IN
Great Product

I read many many reviews of this product before purchasing it. I actually read on one site where some reviews stated they would take the cupping out of the tires. I waited until my tires were cupping (Not that long.) After installing the Centramatic balancer, the cupping did come out of both tires. I purchased new tires and I currently have at least twenty thousand miles on the front tire, Dunlop elite 3(honda shop forget to write milage down when tires installed) Later service milage is used. The back tire got an unwanted visit from a nail had to be replaced. I am getting ready to go on a trip and will replace the front tire before going just to be sure. I believe it should have 2 or 3 thousand miles tread life on it; however, I will it replace before the trip to be safe.

The bike feels more solid in the corners. I did not see a noticable change in widny riding like some others stated. This product will more than pay for itself just in extra tread life of the tires. 100 percent yes vote from me!!!

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Simpsonville, SC
Precision control and balance

Had these installed a few days ago along with some new 'Stones front and rear. Oh my goodness, what an experience. The ride feels like I'm carving the road with the precision of a scalpel. Just amazing control and almost erie balance through turns. I have to think the dual "gyroscopic effect" if you will, of each unit on both sides of the front wheel assists with this. As you turn, the inside balancer will be compensating somewhat differently than the outside balancer. I don't know all the physics here, but that's how I played it out in my head.

I added a fork brace to the hot rod and few months ago and it made a nice splash in ride stability overall. Now adding these balancers have pushed that to a whole new level. The feeling is almost magical...even makes me a little giddy when I feel it. Even road bumps seem damped more than before. In my opinion, these things and a fork brace are must-haves. Everything else seems almost superficial by comparision.

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Rockwood, TN
Wheel Balancers

I had a set of these put on at TN Spring Fling in Pigeon Forge, TN this April....other's had recommended these....I guess the best way to tell if they work is to forget that they are on....I found the Wing smooth, no vibration in the handlebars...smooth driving into curves and no pull with both hands off handlebars ( not recommonded to often )...I first noticed the noise at slow speed, but you will tune that out too...I would highly suggest a set of these for the Wing or Wing Trike...you will forget they are on...just smooth riding....

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Fort Worth, TX
Cemtramatic wheel balancers

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-doggiesssssssss...I can not begin to tell you how pleased I am with these Cemtramatic weights...5 stars is NOT enough stars IMO. I have 500 miles on them now and they are the cat's meow. I ran my Wing up to 120 mph with the Cemtramatic's installed and it was as smooth as sitting in my living room chair.
BTW...I have a Bridgestone 709 on the front and a Kumho 195/55/16RF on the back and both tires are balanced to within a gnats hair...which is engineering talk for PERFECT. This is money more than well spent on your Wing.

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Collierville, TN
Great Addition

I installed the Centramatic product along with a new set of Elite 3's over 3500 miles ago. So far, the front tire still looks brand new. The ride is unbelievable. I rode a short distance on I-40 between Jackson and Brownsville, TN (I never ride the Interstate) and I can not adequately describe the smoothness of the ride, no vibrations just silky smooth. The Centramatic product certainly gets my full recommendation.

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A little confused !

I buy almost all of my bike toys from wing stuff so when I first seen this product at wing ding my first thought was to get home and read some reviews before I decide on buying this.After getting these in my hands I had high hopes of seeing a improvement in our ride .I"m not ready to give up yet because I just put on a new stone up front an the rear has about 8thou.it,and also my rear has beads in it.I've got a rear shake that has been fixed by removing the rear balance ring,I'm hopeing that when the rear tire gets replaced (without the beads)an the ring reinstalled the shake will be gone.Has anyone had this happen to them?

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Proctorville, OH

Put the balancer on with a new tire. The front end feels good. I have MORE wobble in the 45 to 50 MPH range, but all other speeds are great.

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Livermore, KY
Not totally satisfied

Installed balancers along with a set of new Conti Tires on my 2008 Wing. Have vibration between 50 and 60 mph when first installed. Have approxmatley 1000 miles on tires. Some cupping on the front tire the vibration has is some what less than when first installed. Called Centramatic about vibration. They blame it on the front tire not setted good on rim. Back tire is cupped a little but still looks to have good tread life. Keeping a close check on tires still not completely satisfied.

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Do not see the big WOW!

This review follows my one on 3/23/12. I install a new Michlien on the front at same time. As of 700 miles I do not see the great WOW except the hole in my wallet. I am a machinist and do a lot of balancing at work. I was sketic about this product and do not feel anything better than a good weight balance. Freinds told me not to add to a used tire because the tire may be out of balance due to the weight method. My reply was "I thought this was such a great balancer"

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Visalia, Ca
So far: WOW

I just recently purchased and installed the Centramatic balancers on my 2008 Wing. So far I have already noticed a marked improvement in the ride overall, but the biggest improvement that is quite noticeable is the lack of front end wobble. On long rides I could notice a slight handlebar wobble from timt to time, especially on rain grooved and light bumpy roads. This is no longer a noticeable problem. As for tire life, I installed new Stones at the same time. Time will tell.

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