Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800

Weslaco, TX
Superior ride!

I had the Centramatics installed on the front and rear with a new set of Dunlop Elite 4's. Wow! Amazing ride now. I will never ride without Centramatics again. (I have 3,000 miles on them now, great riding).

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I'm impressed

Always balanced my own tires, & decided to give these are try, I'm impressed how well these work , usually get 13,000 out of Bridgestones, so will see if I get more milage out of them. And yes it does ride very smooth.

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Lake George, NY

Best balancing system I have ever had. Installed about 3 years ago.

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so so pleaced

Not the fuel milage I thought I would get but I do like the handling of the bike.and that is worth the money for the balancers right there,dont know if its helping with cupping of the tire yet only have 3k with the balancers but keeping the right air presser in the tire will help on that .

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Sky Rider
Adams County, CO
Centramatics system gets best tire wear!

Excellent product. Saves money. Wheels don’t need balancing. If one removes the wheel themself, many car tire shops can break the bead and will remove and mount new tire for a much lower cost than a bike shop.

Tire cupping can be caused by a few things. Usually by bad suspension. One may wish to check the torque on the steering tree. Second Honda as always used ball bearings in stead of roller bearings. Changing those bearing make a big difference. Tires don’t cup nor is there a shimmy when slowing down. For the best stable rid I recommend spending the money for a Traxxion suspension system. It has saved my life more than once.

Recommend that new tires are installed with the Centramatics. All weights (stickies or crimped) be removed.

I"m a very aggressive rider and ride year around. I have 12 K on Dunlop Elite 3s. Thanks to Centramatics. Will be interesting to see how may miles I get out of these tire.

Like the Traxxion suspension system Centramatics is the best money I spent on my Wing which has over 110K miles on it. No plans to get a newer one.

Centramatics is an excellent investment!

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Richfield, WI
Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800

Riding before install and then after....what can I say? It's like riding on air. I'm VERY pleased with the feel of these balancers. You can hardly see them when installed! And how nice is it to never have to put lead on your tires again! For the money, how can you better add miles to your tire wear as well as getting a smooth ride.

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Springfield, IL
Noticable difference

After putting these on, I noticed a smoother ride and better handling at both lower speeds and higher speeds.
Have had no problem with wobble, cupping, or irregular tire wear. My tires are lasting a lot longer, which saves me money and makes me happy! A happy rider has more fun... Right? Plus, piece of mind is a good thing to have when you're far from home.

Two of my buddies have ridden my bike, and told me they noticed the difference immediately between mine and theirs. We are now comparing tire life, and I'm winning!

So far, I am happy with these and recommend them.

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Da Chief
Orlando, FL
Decided to try these balancers

When I had new tires put on before a couple of road trips we had planned, I decided to go ahead and try the Centramatics. After the trips (Orlando to New Orleans and Orlando to Key West) and about 3K or so miles, the only down-side I have noticed is a tendency for the balance beads to 'stick' inside the sleeves at less than 35 mph, causing the tires to feel like they're bouncing a bit on the pavement. Once the get above 35 mph at the start of the day and for the remainder of the day, they work great.

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Pearland, TX
Very Unhappy

I purchased mine at the Wing Ding in Alabama. When I first road my bike after having them in stalled, I really thought I felt a difference. But as the weeks went on my front wobble never got better. My bike road the same as it always, it had a front wobble when you decelerated. Took it to Pasadena Power Sports in Pasadena, TX, they checked it out said ever thing is to spec.
Sense it always wobbled I have just got used to it.
I personally would not recommend this product to anyone. I have always had smooth/even tread wear and good tire life without this product. And I see nothing different with or without product. When I get my next set of tires, I will have them remove this product and just balance my tires like normal.
I will just throw them on the pill of other bad buys I have made.
Very Disappointed!
Larry Hall, Houston, TX

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Duluth, MN
Starting over

Had these insalled with new tires prior to last winters layup Started riding this spring was impressed with the smooth ride feel at all speeds from 20. To 105 ya got to let it breath a little . All was looking good on my testing till I had a major cord seperation at aprox 6500 miles on the rear tire was at the WingDing in Billings .Brigestone stepped up and gave me both tires even thought the front was good the rear had 3 splits 2 where 4in 3rd was almost 6in scarry. Have 4000 on the new tires barely any wear soo far. Am happy sofar with centramatics hoping for 16000 on read and 21000 on front time will tell

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