Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800 Gold Wing


Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800 Gold Wing
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If you ever thought your motorcycle couldn't get any smoother, we bring you Centramatic for GL1800 Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. The open road never felt so good!

Benefits include; Longer tire life up to 35% to 50%. Lower tire temperatures 10% to 15%. Improved braking. Increased stability. Reduced vibration. Reduced driver & rider fatigue on long trips. Increased tire footprint & grip on turns. Comes as a set of 3 for the GL1800 Honda Goldwing.

Dealer Inquiries to sell Centramatics contact our Sales Manager Rodney Toll Free 800-260-4050

Centramatic offers a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty on all wheel balancers!!!!

Centramatic stainless steel for Gold Wing are wheel balancers made with lead free durametal balancing media. Centramatic has been a world leader in onboard wheel balancing for over 24 years. Class 8 trucking, RV's & Military applications have been our area of expertise. Now we have taken the application a step further and brought it to motorcycles!

If you ever thought your motorcycle couldn’t get any smoother? Now it can with Centramatic motorcycle wheel balancers for GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle. Just ask anyone who installed these.

  • Becomes Active at 18 to 20 MPH
  • Increased Tire Life 35%-50%
  • Reduced Road Vibration
  • Increased Stability and Handling
  • Improved Braking
  • Lower Tire Temperatures 10-15%
  • Reduced Driver and Passenger Fatigue
  • No More Wheel Weights

223 Member Reviews

Gallatin, TN

These are an excellent buy, even though expensive. I love the fact that, no matter how my tires wear, they stay balanced, without fuss. Also, I'm getting extended tire wear with them as well; between 15-20%. Would buy these again, no problems.

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minneapolis, MN
gl1800 Centramatic.

So far so good. I have a little over 14000 on the front and rear Dunlop E3's. I am not an overly aggressive rider but I occasionally like to turn the wick up. I brought my 09 wing in to a retired tire installer. He never heard of centramatics and reluctantly mounted my tires without weights. My traditional way of thinking caused me to be skeptical also. Now as I prepare for storage, I am impressed with the even tire wear and the amount of tread remaining on the E3's. I plan on an east coast trip before i change tires next year. I do not pay attention to the bearing 'swish ' at low speeds like some writers. I will recommend this product and thank those before me who wrote accurate reviews. Without these riders I would never have purchased these balancers. I am glad I did.

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Leesburg, FL
Best balance results yet for me

Centramatic balancers were installed on my 2007 Goldwing prior to a 12,000 mile trip through 36 states in June/July of 2013. A new Bridgestone front tire was installed at the same time and the rear Bridgestone tire had about 3500 mile on it. I immediately felt improvement in the ride with reduced wobble in the front at low speed. Currently have 15,395 miles on the front tire with barley discernible cupping wear on the left side of the front tire. I should be able to get at least 3,000 or more miles of use on the front tire before worn down to the wear bars. The rear tire was replaced shortly after completion of the 12000 mile trip. Wear on the rear tire was even with very little cupping but down to the wear bars in the center of the tread. I was pulling a trailer for the entire trip and was two up for the last 3500 miles.

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Michael P.
Ballston Spa, NY
Centramatic Balancers

I installed these about 1000 miles ago on new tires for my 2012 Goldwing. Obviously new tires feel great no matter what brand. What I did notice was how smooth the handle bars are now. The bike feels "planted" on the road. Very steady with no harmonics. At really slow speeds you can hear the balls rolling around a little, but not annoying. Time will tell for the extended tire life. I do believe they are worth the money, the bike seems real stable, and smoother.

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best balancer ever

Thomas must work for Dyna Beads. This product works great. I've been running them for over 20k miles
and they do exactly as advertised. I run a Kuhmo 195-55-RF16 car tire on the rear and a Battleaxe BT 45 crotch rocket rear tire on the front. These beads keep these tires balanced perfectly for a smooth ride at all speeds. 2009 Goldwing. I wouldn't ride without them.

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  • F6B 2013-2014