Rear Shock Hydraulic Pre-Loader Line


Rear Shock Hydraulic Pre-Loader Line
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Tired of your pre-load adjuster starting to work too late? Wingstuff has the solution with our performance stainless steel braided replacement line for the GL1800's. The GL1800 Rear Shock Hydraulic Pre-Loader Line also comes with 4 copper compression washers, excellent results with this addition.

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Edgerton , WI
No more bottoming out

My 2009 Goldwing had 17k mile on it when I did this a few months ago.....I replaced the spring and hydraulic line. What I discovered was that over the 10 years of ownership that most of the oil in the slave unit had “seeped” by the slave piston....not a true leak.....the slave unit wouldn’t start to compress the spring until #15 on the position indicator. Once replaced and bled, I can hear the pump start to labor @ # 4 now. Well worth the time spent to install.

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No instructions

This is a great modification to an otherwise crummy suspension. I started out with replacing this hose as my winter project. Then I decided to for for replacing the rear spring since I was going this far.

The hose is a great product, yet I give it 3 Stars for not having any instructions for its replacement. After considerable research on the internet, I came up with a decent set of procedures for the replacement and servicing of the preload. More wasted time. A GOOD set of instructions will kick this hose up to 5 stars.

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Crystal City, MO
Very Good Product !!!

Replace The CHEAP Honda line with this when I did a flush and refill of pre-loader system... A+ Quality for this line...

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Hamilton, OH
Another $5 dollar savings by Honda

This is another example where the manufacture saved money at our expense. The key issue is the air that is inside the assembly, therefore owners aren't getting the full intended travel of the Pre-Loader. After changing countless numbers of rear springs, I've found a hand full where the factory line wasn't holding up. You have to go back and look at the overall bike factors to understand that the rear spring is built for a max of 405 lbs. It doesn't take to many Ice Cream stops till we find that we're pushing the up button on the Pre-Loader. Having air in the system does in fact limit the total serviceable limit of the system, however you have to factor in the total rear suspension in order to fully understand. Removing the air is a good thing but if you find your back to 25 on the panel it's time to replace your rear suspension. Don't be fooled that removing the air will fix all of your issues.

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Cedar Park, TX

Had it installed works great as advertised. My lovely wife likes the improved ride from the back seat.

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017