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Footpeg Lowering Bracket
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This Driver Peg Lowering Bracket allows for two different positions for adjustment and a more comfortable ride. The bracket works with Honda GL1800 in conjunction with the required 52-659 Driver Peg Mount.

52-659 is No Longer Available from the manufacturer.

Note: May not fit on trikes with ground effects.

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Vernal, UT

These are real scary if you have any agressive riding to do. (Don't we all now and then). Even the easiest turns you will drag and I know that scares me. I don't recommend these to anyone.

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Palmer, AK

I installed the lowering brackets and made a couple of changes right away. I am 6'-1" with a 33" inseam. I'm 60 y.o., so knee comfort is a big issue with me as well. I have a couple of suggestions. The units come with little cotter pins to secure the mounting clevis pins. Toss them. I got a bunch (6 required) of "hair-pins" to replace them. You can get these at any auto parts store, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Just bring in one of the clevis pins and make sure to get the right size.

The pegs drag, especially in the lower position, and even raised up are too low for even relatively conservative riding on curvy roads. In the lower position you will drag them getting in and out of your driveway. Getting to the brake pedal and shift lever, is not as bad an issue as I feared. It is a little bit different, but not bad.

The good news is that with the hair pins you can put these brackets on and off in a few minutes. Last weekend when I rode to Tampa (about 650 miles of interstates) I put the brackets on and in the lower position and was extremely comfortable for the trip. Once I got back home it was a simple few minutes to return the pegs to their normal mounting hieght.

While these pegs are too low (for me) on a daily basis riding the great roads in my area (Carolinas, TN, GA, etc), they are terrific for a long stretch on the super slabs. The quick change ability afforded by the hairpins make this product a great buy.

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Copperas Cove, TX

Already had the footpegs and chrome bracket. Did help some on the leg length position so you're not quite as cramped. Highway pegs are better for that. I bought these before the highway pegs and probably would have passed on these if I bought the highway pegs first.

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Durango, CO

Don't just order these Lowering Brackets, Order the complete set unless your already have the BB52659 Mounts. They WILL NOT fit factory mounts, they are too narrow for bracket to fit in an aline up with pin hole.

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