Factory Style CB Antenna for GL1800

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Factory Style CB Antenna for GL1800
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Fits factory Honda GL1800 CB or BikeMP3 GL1800 CB kits. Factory Style CB antenna offers all the features of the factory oem antenna, plus designed to provide the best transmitting and recieving performance. Top angle is adjustable so when the antenna is folded down it can straighten, making it easier to put a bike cover on and so forth.

S.W.R (signal wave ratio) tune capable with improved base design that eliminates wobble. Includes grounding strap and mounting hardware.

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Akash gowda
It's a query

Will this fit 2018 dct tour ??

yes no
Bob F
This antenna is a PoS

The title says it all. This was installed on my 6th GL1800, the previous five had the Honda CB/Antenna installed when I bought them.

This Add-On antenna wobbles and cannot be adjusted to be firm, kind of like parts of my 68yo anatomy. 1 Star because a lower score isn't available.

And my g/f, who rides her own 2012 GL1800 has had the same experience with the Add-On antenna on her Wing wobbling.

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intermitten and short distance

Had this antenna for a year. Worked OK but started losing reception, noticed that the Black bushing where Rivet was on base was wobbling. I replaced it with the Honda unit and its been fine with better reception..

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G Man
Blythewood, SC
Great Look!!

It brings the look of the bike out a great deal really looks good. Thanks

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Northfield, MN
Shorted Coax on new antenna

Installed this antenna with a new CB radio. Double-checked all connections for grounding and continuity. Went to check SWR readings. Way high--past 3 on meter. Spent many hours trying to fix problem and then more or less by accident I found that the coax cable running thru the mounting base had the worst of all problems--an INTERMITTENT short in the coax cable that would come and go depending on the movement of the bike. Depending on the position of the cable it would work fine or not. Replaced with a new antenna that was sent without charge from Add-On. Now the radio works just great but will keep watch for the same condition to develop with the new antenna. Hope this helps if anyone has the same problem.

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