Universal Red LED Modules


Universal Red LED Modules
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Two original universal 8-LED lights blaze super bright red light with our patented flashing action. Their slim profile let's them fit anywhere. The brightest thing on your bike....these lights will get you noticed!

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Dave Langer
Gig Harbor, WA

Just added a similar unit the other day (mine is brake light only), and so far so good. Spent a lot of time poking around the bike (GL1800)deciding where to to connect the flasher unit. I ultimately opted to connect to the trunk/saddlebag sub-harness under the seat. It's a white 14 pin connector, mine was tucked just inside the right hand frame. The wires you tap into are green(gnd)brown/white(running), and green/red(brake). I fastened the flasher unit to the front of the trunk (under the seat back) and the lights to the trunk just aft and above the antenna mounts. Drilled small holes in the "lip" area of the trunk housing at the front of the trunk (outside the enclosure), and sealed hole with some marine RTV.

The LED's flash brightly, and will definitely be noticed. The only thing keeping me from giving a 5 star rating is that I wish they would provide a piece of trim or something to cover the wire from where it comes our of the trunk to the back of the light.

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