Amber LED Turn Signals


Amber LED Turn Signals
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Pair of 8 LED turn signal modules. The amber turn signals wire inline with your OEM signals, so they flash at the same rate.

These feature a countoured backing that fits perfectly behind and against the GL1800 Speaker Housings. You may also mount these anywhere you want on the back of any motorcycle.

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Gadsden, AL

Had these added while passing through Nashville. The go undetected until the turn signal is used because they mount to the back of the 1800 rear speaker housing. Very nice addition for getting a higher mounted turn signal so YOU can be seen! Perfect if you tow a trailer due to how high they are mounted.

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White Bear Lake, MN

The best thing you can add to the back of your bike for visibility. If your trailer lights go out, these are your only visible blinkers. I have a turn signal spoiler and these are 10 times more effective.

They are contoured to mounted on the back of the rear speakers. They come with templates to drill and locate the blinkers. Instructions say to fish through hole, but I ended up removing speaker housings (since I happened to have the inner trunk liner out at the time. If you are adding speakers, this is the time to install these.

The wires are JUST long enough to make it to the plug behind the rear fender. I comes with piggy back connectors instead of Y plugs.

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