Black Anodized Sidestand Pad

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Black Anodized Sidestand Pad
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This clever kickstand pad slides over the stock kickstand foot and is secured with a setscrew. It has over 2 times the surface area of the original foot. No more worries about your motorcycle falling over or fumbling around looking for your kickstand plate. CNC machined from billet aluminum. Black anodized.

Will not work with RIVCO's GL18020 Driver Floorboards.

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Excellent product

Simple installation with one screw that holds the pad tight to the kickstand. The shrewd and pad provides a bigger footprint on the kickstand so it won't sink in soft ground and cause the bike to tip over. I recommend putting some blue locktight on the screw to keep it from losing up.

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Wentzville, MO
Excellent product - Stability for my bike!

Works exactly as you need it to. Slide it on, tighten with the set screw.
This has not moved a bit and gives me peace of mind when parking on potentially soft areas.

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Howard Lake, MN
Works Excellent

Works and looks great. I put some RTV silicone in the slot and hit it with a rubber mallet then tightened the set screw... It has not moved... Completely satisfied!!

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Montreal, Qc, CA

Ordered this and received about a year ago. Went on in a jiffy and worked great, until, this past Saturday. They put the set screw on the wrong side as anyone that does twisties will tell you, you are going to scrape the boards and whatnot. With the larger stand pad it is the first this to touch and wears out the set screw then the dammed thing falls off. Luckily for me, it fell off in front of my garage after a full day of riding in the mountains. I`m going to try to drill into it to add another set screw from the other side. If it had been manufactures that way in the first place I and likely several others would have this issue. Poor planning on Rivco`s part.

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Bellmawr, NJ
Black Anodized Sidestand Pad

I have a 2015 Gen 2 Level III. This pad did not slide on as advertised. The instructions tell you to take a file to the underside of the kickstand to file down the castings and then it should slip into place. The problem is not the underside. On my side stand pad it was the right side of the kickstand. I did a little filing, and then took a rubber mallet to it until it was seated in place. The set screw is overkill on my side stand pad, because this thing is NOT coming loose. Once in place it works as advertised.

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