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Cycle Armor Aluminum Restore, is an acid-based wash to clean the surface of all road grime and brake residue. Simply spray the Aluminum Restore on the wheel and rinse off with water. For stubborn stains, use green scotch brite with the Aluminum Restore. This will eliminate stains and help remove light pitting in the aluminum. The Aluminum Restore is an acid and will remove the shine from polished wheels. This product is NOT intended to be used on painted surfaces. -Quickly Removes Embedded Grime and Oxidation

-Prepares Aluminum Surfaces for Polishing

-Spray-On and Hose-Off

Ships via ground transportation in USA lower 48 states only, air shipping not available due to air regulations. We are not able to ship internationally or to Canada due to shipping regulations.

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Springfield, IL
Great product!

This stuff is amazing! Very easy to use, removes oxidation, dirt, grease, and does not harm aluminum wheels.
Follow directions and spray on, leave on about 10 seconds, and spray off. For tougher dirt, use a scotch brite. Follow up with some good aluminum polish, and you're done!

Highly recommend this!

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Fayetteville, NC
Aluminum Restore Cycle Armor for GL 1800

I have used the entire line of Cycle Armor products for my GL1800 since 2011. I am very pleased with the results. The Aluminum Restore is effective for cleanup anytime. Cycle Armor can be applied with a minimum of effort and maximum results.

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