Clear Signal Lenses w/Amber Bulb

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Clear Signal Lenses w/Amber Bulb
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Clear Lense GL1800 Turn Signal Assemblies replaces OEM while using the OEM wire harness, Amber bulbs are provided and sold in pairs. Fits any year Honda GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle! Adds a modern look to any Honda GL1800 Gold Wing and available at our Low Pricing!

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MacClenny, FL
Clear Signal Lenses w/Amber Bulb

Two questions, is this price for one lens and bulb, or is it a set of two lens & two bulbs?? 2nd question are the bulbs standard or LED?? Sure wish WingStuff would put more info. on ALL their items.

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Saskatoon, CA
Look Great

The clear lenses look so much better than the amber ones. The only draw back is the amber bulbs that have to be run as running/signal lights. I changed the look once more by changing the lights to LED that run as white light running lights and then change to amber when used as signal lights. Too bad I purchased a number of amber bulbs that I no longer need. Oh well.

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Read If You Want to Disable the DRL Feature

Ok, so I bought a pair of these in the "smoked" version which turned out not to be smoked at all and just these clear ones. Same part number and everything.

Ok, fine. Anything will look better than the orange clown noses, right? Well, just one problem. After installing these it does look better UNTIL you turn the bike on. Then the amber bulb lights up and you're right back to having the bright orange again.

So I was looking at the stock clear bulbs I had removed when I installed these, and noticed there are 2 filaments in there. One large one and one small one, both with a set of wires coming out of the bottom of the glass. I deduced the smaller filament was the DRL and snipped the wires off that came from it.

Installed the bulb and voila, no more DRL. The turn signals work as usual, but the bulb doesn't light up just by turning the bike on anymore.

Love it, it looks so much better. Literally 5 seconds of work on each bulb and then pop them back in. If you feel the orange mirrors make your ride safer, then by all means don't do this and ride happy.

Later I used some VHT Nightshades on these clear lenses and got the smoked look I wanted, so now it's perfect.

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Rick & Joanie
Wesley Chapel, FL
Finishes out the look

Didn't really like the look of the amber lenses, so changed it over to the clear. Can say that the look is really great, especially on a black bike. We did have to order new bulbs, as the one on the left kept going out. Finally bought some amber bulbs online from another distributor, and all is well---kind of. Now, we are looking at changing it over to LED's---anyone want to buy some bulbs?! LOL

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Manassas, VA
Definitely a nicer look, IMHO

This is purely a personal taste. I just didn't like the amber lens, so I swapped it out for this clear lens and amber bulb. Looks cleaner to me. Nothing earth shattering here - just personal taste. I like it.

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