Fork Spring Kit for GL1800/GL1500

Traxxion Dynamics

Fork Spring Kit for GL1800/GL1500
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Traxxion Dynamics Fork Spring Kit in 1.2 Standard OR 1.1 Lighter Weight Traxxion Spring Kit for Honda GL1500 or GL1800 Gold Wing dramatically improves handling, road feel, bump absorbtion, safety, and comfort.

These springs are straight rate and wound from chrome silicon spring steel to the highest tolerances for long life and performance.  Includes a set of springs, spacers, washers and detailed instructions. We recommend Standard 1.2 Weight Springs for most everyone, if you want an even softer ride and are not heavy they are also available in 1.1 lighter weight.

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Edgerton , WI
Well worth the investment

I installed these in my 2009 1800 with 16k on the ticker ,took about 5 hours including rebuilding of struts.....following Traxxion instructions.....Wow! Tremendous ride and handling quality, Not hard to do,well worth the effort.

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Montrose, CO
Why did I wait??

Well I finished up the install on these a few days ago along with the ADV shim and took the bike out for a test ride. All I can say is WOW, what a difference!! No more wallowing through corners. Rough roads, bumps, railroad tracks and all the other stuff that used to plague me are now just a distant memory. I should have done this a long time ago!

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Rick & Joanie
Wesley Chapel, FL
Great System

We have had the Rear Shock Absorber on both of our Wings. The first Wing showed us the reason that we would need it on any Wing afterward. We were headed out to Yellowstone from Tampa. We got just west of Topeka on I-70 going toward Denver, when we got into a windstorm that came from the South to the North. Semi trucks were off on the side, under ramps. The bike was being buffeted by the wind. We stopped, and Rick said that he was going to turn around and we could wait it out. I asked him about this system, and couldn't he turn it up. He said that he had forgotten about it, and turned it up all the way to the top to give it the tightest suspension. We took off, and had full control of the bike again. I saw no semi trucks, and only 1 motorcycle all the way to Colorado.
With this bike, we also put the front fork springs on it for the trip to Glacier. This really gave the bike more control than with just the rear shock. These will really work well for the trip to Alaska this summer. Get it. Yes, it's expensive---worth the money with the ride you will get.

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Branford, FL
Wake up your Goldwing!

The second happiest day I've had with my Wing is when I rolled it out of Gary's Hobby Shop in McDonough, Ga.; after a complete Traxxion suspension upgrade, front and rear.
As soon as I brought it off the side stand it felt different. When I hit the road I could not believe it was the same motorcycle. From road comfort (my wife loves it!) to cornering this machine runs like it's on rails. When you see what comes off your wing and what replaces it, you'll know your getting an upgrade, big time! Also you will have full adjustment on your front forks. The rear shock has full adjustment, instead of the pseudo first 9 positions on your Honda shock. Gary showed me how when you "zero" your rear shock and start to run it up the motor will change pitch ( best to have someone else work the button, so you can hear it)as soon as you hear the change look at your readout, it will read between 9-11.This is when your shock adjuster starts to work.
I put this up-grade on a 2008 and wish I'd done it sooner. Bottom line: is it worth it? Heck YES ! Best money I've ever spent on the wing and worth every penny! This is the way a Goldwing should ride.

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Sky Rider
Adams County, CO
Saved my life

Highly recommend the complete Traxxion system for GL 1800s. Bike is far more stable, does not under steer, eliminates Honda shimmy and handles better than most sport bikes. Go to and view the video for Wings.

Recommend installation to be done by factory authorized / trained facility / mechanic.

At 70 mph when passing a car, they bumped me taking off my highway peg. The bike just stepped over and continued on as if nothing happened. Damned solid!

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