Rear Shock Absorber for GL1800 1st Gen

Traxxion Dynamics

Rear Shock Absorber for GL1800 1st Gen
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Note: Remote preload adjuster not included

Traxxion Dynamics Rear Shock Absorber works as a perfect match to the AK-20 Axxion Cartridge Kit for the front end. The damping and function of our new shock is based directly off of our highly successful O.E.M. Upgrade Shock. The feel will be identical, but the new shock eliminates the need for us to work on "core" components. It also will allow Wingers all over the world to have access to our amazing suspension kits!

It's not longer a secret... Traxxion Dynamics has redefined what a touring motorcycle suspension should be with their amazing product line!  Over millions of miles on masses of Wings... the opinion is virtually unanimous:  The Traxxion Dynamics suspension package for the Wing is the best money you could possilbly spend!!!

Improved Safety, Comfort, and Confidence while touring are 100% Guaranteed.  Ask anyone with our unique badges on their bikes.  In fact, ask the co-riders!  They always agree!

12 Member Reviews

Huge change in ride

I have a 08 with 78K miles. I decided to spend the cash while the gas tank was out for coolant leak. First my preload started at 12 and I ran at 19. Did the fix for the preload to get it to start at zero and now running at 6-8 on the preload. I was totally surprised at the change in the ride. The ride is truly impressive. it's rides and handles so much better. I'm guessing it won't be long until the front forks are upgraded

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Rick & Joanie
Wesley Chapel, FL
Great System

We have had this Rear Shock Absorber on both of our Wings. The first Wing showed us the reason that we would need this on any Wing afterward. We were headed out to Yellowstone from Tampa. We got just west of Topeka on I-70 going toward Denver, when we got into a windstorm that came from the South to the North. Semi trucks were off on the side, under ramps. The bike was being buffeted by the wind. We stopped, and Rick said that he was going to turn around and we could wait it out. I asked him about this system, and couldn't he turn it up. He said that he had forgotten about it, and turned it up all the way to the top to give it the tightest suspension. We took off, and had full control of the bike again. I saw no semi trucks, and only 1 motorcycle all the way to Colorado. With this bike, we also put the front fork springs on it for the trip to Glacier. These will really work well for the trip to Alaska this summer. Get it. Yes, it's expensive---worth the money with the ride you will get.

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London , CA
Traxxion experience

I recently ordered a shock assembly from Wingstuff for my 2004 1800 Honda Goldwing with about 88000 miles on it. The rear shock was so bad when I put the bike on the center stand the back wheel was still on the ground. I decided to order the Traxxion rear shock since I heard so much good about it.
Before ordering, I sent some questions to the site for verification, warranty, and description of unit. I must admit that I had a bad experience, as the product did not come as it was described on the web site or in conversations through emails with representatives of the company. They offered to refund my money including my shipping upon return of the product. However, since I had waited for quite some time for it to be shipped, and my bike was sitting in my garage un-usable I decided to complain a little more by complaining here on the site. I did so and received a call from a manager of the company who was gracious and rectified the situation to my satisfaction, including re-wording the ad for the shock. I was very pleased with the amount of care I received and would not hesitate to purchase from this company again. In saying all this' my bike is back together and rides as good as it did when I purchased it in 2007. The new Traxion shock system is a much stiffer ride and should be superior when I pull my trailer.

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Los Alamitos, CA
Traxxion rear shock

Recently when I had my bike in for some maintenance the mechanic asks me why my bike was sitting so low in the rear. I then found out that after 80K miles the rear shock had pretty much failed and I now had a Goldwing "hard tail".
I now realized I'd been shifting my weight to my legs to brace off the foot pegs to support myself crossing rain gutters and potholes for some time and had just adjusted to the poor ride.
Now the bike takes all kinds of bumps so much better, and seems to run smoother (no wallowing) in curves. The components of the shock appeared to be first rate and I expect a lot more smooth riding miles now.
I give it fours stars only because I've only had the shock for a few months and so can't speak for it's long term quality.

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I have yet to enjoy traxxion install.I took my 07 wing to a "shop" in MD.called motovation cycles.They butchered the install and it is my fault I waited this long to try and fix it. I assume the traxxion parts will work great...just do yourself a HUGE favor and find a different shop to install. I called traxxion and they said the shop does great work????????? B/S!!!!

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