Upgraded Rear Shock

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Upgraded Rear Shock
$1,115.99 to $1,299.95
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Race Tech Offers Two GL1800 Shock Options: Both include Gold Valve Revalve and Re-spring including a rebuild and new hose on the preload adjuster.

Both options offer custom setup and Internally Upgraded Gold Valving, however the Complete Shock option also offers an External Rebound Adjuster with all new components.

Option # 1 - Race Tech Completely Upgraded Stock Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Rear Shock Assembly with Gold Valve, Spring, Hydraulic Preload unit. Price includes a $199.99 core charge exchange program refunded to you upon receipt of your old stock rear shock unit/core.

Option # 2 - Complete Custom Shock that comes with an external Rebound Adjuster. It too has custom valving and spring settings.

We fully guarantee our work and our product is Made in the USA! Remember - “The Best you’ve Ridden is the Best you Know!”

Race Tech G3-S Custom GL1800 Rear Shock - Rebound adjustable, includes upgraded OEM Hydraulic Preload unit must have old stock shock w/PL unit on exchange… $199.99 Core charge on stock unit, refunded upon receipt of old unit/core

Race Tech Stock OEM GL1800 Rear Shock Upgrade - Upgrades stock shock with Gold Valve, Spring, Hydraulic Preload unit, on core exchange program;  $199.99 Core charge on  stock unit, refunded upon receipt of old unit/core.

GL1800 Shock Core Charge Exchange Program

  • To receive your $199.99 Rear Stock Shock & Electric Preload Unit Core Charge Refund you must ship your stock take off shock back to us after installation
  • The shock absorber must be in rebuildable condition with no physical damage.
  •  The Electric Hydraulic Preload unit must function correctly; motor must work generating preload.
  • Leaking oil seal is ok. Damaged hose is ok.

The Honda GL1800 Gold Wing is a great motorcycle, but the suspension can use some work. The main issue with the GL1800 is the springs are way too soft.  So much so that ground clearance on cornering is an issue.  Most GL1800 riders know this but especially with the front Anti-dive it’s also way harsher than it could be.  If only the springs are replaced the action is even harsher!

Additional: The Remote Preload Adjuster line swells and limits the range of adjustment.  We consistently get reports that the brakes are significantly improved when the suspension is reworked!.

Just wanted to let everyone at Wingstuff know how happy I am with the RaceTech front and rear suspension upgrade you did on my 2001 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing.  WOW!!  What a difference!!

The Gold Wing is a totally different bike than the one I brought you.  The level of comfort, handling and the overall feel has improved tenfold.

Just prior to bringing the bike to you, my wife and I did a two hundred mile ride.  I had to set the suspension to twenty five to try to get rid of the mushy feel and get any comfort out of the ride, and even that wasn’t near as comfortable as a Gold Wing motorcycle should be.

As I left your shop with my new suspension I could immediately feel the difference, and the guys did a great job of getting the dampening just right.  I aimed for every bump and irregularity I could find and glided over them as smoothly as if they weren’t there, and that was with the suspension set at “zero”.  WOW, what a difference.

Now, I’m not a little fellow at 230 pounds, but with the suspension set at two or three I’m very comfortable.  If I’m riding twisty’s I might push it up to five or six.  And speaking of twisty’s, for a large bike, the handling of the GL1800 is second to none.  Add in the RaceTech suspension and it makes it effortless to get around those corners and setup for the next.  I can feel the bike so much better, the bike tracks truer and I feel more confident than I ever have.  My slow speed handling is greatly improved too.

Soon after the RaceTech upgrade we loaded up the bike (including a trailer hitch rack) and set out on a 2000 mile ride.  With the suspension set at nine, and everything but the kitchen sink we had a smooth ride and great handling through four states, on all kinds of roads and in all kinds of conditions.

Thank you for producing such a great product.  I saw the effort put into the production and know I’ve now got the best Honda Gold Wing suspension in the industry.

All the best.
Jim Gorman / Southern California Winger..

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Should have put this on 30,000 miles ago.

Ordered this through racetech a few weeks ago and just completed a 3,000 mile trip. I should have done this upgrade many miles ago. Much better suspension than when the bike was new!! Previously tried the Progressive set up and went back to stock then put this on. WOW what a difference.

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Fresno, CA
Great upgrade

I purchased the custom shock this as part of my suspension upgrade. What a difference. The back end no longer sinks when I accelerate or sags when corning on the highway. I get more forward thrust when I want it. As for comfort, hands down awesome. With the back end steady, the front forks, with the upgrades, hold true. No more Kentucky windage on a 900+ pound motorcycle.

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Anaheim, CA

See my "Testimonial" above.

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GL1800 2001-2010